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Power steering could find its way onto Yamaha bikes

Yamaha recently announced that they have come up with a new assisted steering system, called EPS, which the company is currently testing in Motorsport.

Yamaha has come up with a power steering technology for two-wheelers, which it is currently being trialling on some of its dirt bikes. Officially known as the Yamaha EPS Steering Support System, it consists of an electromagnetic set-up that uses an active steering damper.

This unit works as an electronic steering damper at high speeds, aiding the motorcycle’s stability, while providing steering assistance at low speeds via an actuator. It uses a torque sensor to detect and measure handlebar inputs. The company says it has already successfully implemented this technology on its electric bicycles and is now exploring the idea of using it on dirt bikes and road bikes.

The system is currently being tested by Australian motocross racer Jay Wilson, who rides for the All-Japan Yamaha Factory Race Team in the All-Japan Motocross Championship and is using it on his 250cc and 450cc dirt bikes.

The electronic steering damper technology being trialled by Yamaha is not entirely new – Honda has it too and its damping rates are variable and adjusted by the ECU. Yamaha has taken the concept further by throwing in an actuator to assist any effort applied at the handlebar.

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