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Who Are Bigg Boss Kannada 10 Contestants Rakshak Bullet And Gaurish Akki? –

Gaurish Akki is a renowned journalist.

In a recent interview, Rakshak Bullet expressed his long-standing interest in participating in Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Kannada has had nine seasons so far, and all of them have been tremendously successful. The creators are now back with the eagerly-awaited tenth season of the renowned reality show. Fans are elated to have actor Kiccha Sudeep back as the host. Notably, the show premiered yesterday, on October 8. Many celebs are participating this year. Today, we’ll talk about two of them — Rakshak Bullet and Gaurish Akki.

Rakshak Bullet, the son of the late popular comedian Bullet Prakash, entered the world of acting with his debut role in the sports drama Guru Shishyaru, alongside Sharan. Aside from his acting career, Rakshak Bullet is also a notable social media influencer with a substantial Instagram following.

Rakshak Bullet expressed his long-standing interest in participating in Bigg Boss, recently in an interview. He was thrilled when he received an invitation, he said. He shared his excitement, mentioning that he has a strong preference for non-vegetarian food and humorously noted that he’s been enjoying it three times a day at home. Rakshak Bullet expressed concern about the availability of non-vegetarian food in the Bigg Boss house. His mother, Manju Prakash, is equally delighted and has given her blessings for his participation. Rakshak also went on to say about his commitment to fulfilling his father’s wishes, as he holds great affection for him, as his father had wanted him to be part of the entertainment industry.

Gaurish Akki, a renowned journalist, is not only well-known for his work in journalism but also for his involvement in the Kannada film industry as a director and actor. Gaurish Akki has been creating special videos on his YouTube channel for the past few years, and he has garnered an impressive following with over 4 lakh subscribers. He initiated his acting career with the film Sipayee. He ventured into directing with Cinema My Darling. His last appearance on the big screen was in the 2018 movie Kengulabi.

Considering the rumours surrounding their participation in Bigg Boss Kannada 10, it will indeed be intriguing to see how both these celebs add to the game inside the house.

According to reports, Bigg Boss Kannada season 10 will have approximately 17 contestants competing for the winner’s trophy over a duration of about 100 days inside the house. Regarding this season, the makers have revealed, “As the 10th instalment of the most significant visual spectacle in the Kannada GEC market, Bigg Boss Kannada, we are unveiling the theme for this season as ‘Happy Bigg Boss.’”

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