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Use THIS online service and get PAN Card while sitting at home within 4-5 days

No longer will you need to worry about getting a PAN card. It is now simple to create PAN cards.

PAN Card: The PAN Card, like the Aadhaar Card, is an important document that is needed for many things, like opening bank accounts. People’s PAN cards are recorded by the Income Tax Department, which keeps track of their financial information. If you do not have this document, you may also be denied access to numerous government programs.

A new service from Fino Payments Bank makes it possible to obtain a digital PAN card in a matter of hours. For this to happen, only Aadhaar authentication will be required. The bank and Protean eGov Technologies (NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited) have collaborated to expand PAN card issuance services throughout rural India.

Through the organization, Changeable will actually want to arrive at additional region of the country through Fino Bank’s virtual organization of more than 12.2 lakh dealer focuses, as per an assertion from the bank. As a result of this partnership, Fino becomes the first payment bank to represent Protein as a PAN Service Agency (PCA).

Know how to get a PAN card:

With the assistance of Fino Bank Centers, any user can obtain a PAN card following Aadhaar authentication. You won’t be required to submit any additional paperwork for this. Customers will also be able to choose between a digital and a physical PAN card. According to Fino Bank, individuals will receive an email containing their digital PAN card, or e-PAN, within a few hours of submitting an application.

In just 4-5 days, you can receive PAN at your door:
Fino Bank provides this service if you still prefer paper PAN cards, which are valid everywhere and can be used for all official purposes. In four to five days, your PAN card will be delivered to the Aadhaar address you provided.


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