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This Bank announces zero-fee banking on customer-centric services, know details

Customers who choose either the Rs 25,000 savings account option or an average monthly balance of Rs 10,000 are eligible for these benefits.

In front of its establishment day on Sunday, the confidential area IDFC First Bank expressed that expenses for a scope of client centered administrations, including cash stores, withdrawals, request drafts, Pixies, and SMS cautions, will be deferred. “Zero-fee banking” for savings accounts was introduced by IDFC First Bank on Saturday in an announcement.

The lender said in a statement that The Bank has removed fees from 25 common banking services that are linked to savings accounts. These services include cash deposits and withdrawals at branches, third-party cash transactions, demand draughts, immediate payment service (IMPS), National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), cheque books, SMS alerts, interest certificates, insufficient balance for ATM transactions, international ATM usage, and more.

Customers who maintain savings accounts with an average balance of 10,000 and 25,000 AMB per month will receive these services free of charge.

According to IDFC First Bank, this will benefit all customers, but in particular those who lack financial literacy and find it challenging to calculate the fees and charges.

According to IDFC FIRST Bank, it is difficult to calculate the costs imposed, so many customers are unaware of the fees they must pay. Additionally, the lender asserts that the debit entries for charges are obscured by a number of actual client transactions in the statement of account.

“This is an IDFC FIRST Bank initiative that is friendly to customers. The MD of IDFC FIRST Bank, V Vaidyanathan, stated, “IDFC FIRST Bank has always put together simple and transparent terms for all products at the Bank.”

Customers frequently do not know what they are paying for. Customers with lower levels of financial literacy are particularly vulnerable to this. So that our customers can bank safely with us, we have waived fees on 25 commonly used banking services,” he added.


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