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Sun And Mercury’s Conjunction To Positively Affect These 6 Zodiac Signs –

Due to the Sun’s transit, a few zodiac signs might see their financial condition improve.

On September 16, Mercury will be aligned under the Leo zodiac sign, while on September 17, the Sun will align under Virgo.

As per astrology, when any two or more celestial bodies align in any zodiac sign, it is called a conjunction. This year, the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury planet will happen in the Leo zodiac sign and impact various lives. Mercury is believed to be a sign of intelligence, communication and critical thinking, while the Sun symbolises power, leadership and ego.

The combined energies of both the celestial bodies can affect various other zodiac signs especially Leo who are likely to be more expressive, innovative and probably aggressive. Astrology believes, that on September 16, Mercury will be aligned under the Leo zodiac sign, while on September 17, the Sun will align under Virgo.

This transit of planets in other zodiac signs may change the luck of many people and turn out good for some. This coincidence can be lucky for some zodiac signs. Due to the transit of the Sun, there is a strong chance for a few zodiac signs to see their financial condition improve. People may witness their business growing and there may be marital bliss.


The conjunction of the two celestial bodies will bring happiness to the person and the people in his life. There will be peace and prosperity in the household and partners will support those born under Aries’s sign.


People who are born in the Cancer zodiac sign will witness the positive effects of the combination of Mercury and the Sun’s power. It is important to keep an eye on the expenditure. There will be financial gains and careers will see steady growth as well.


The Sun’s transit will significantly affect those born under Leo. There are chances of experiencing increased wealth. Any stalled work will get completed soon, business will grow and their marital life will be filled with joy.


For those born under the Virgo zodiac sign, the conjunction of Mercury and Sun will bring progress in the field of business. The economic situation of the family will drastically improve. Employed people can reap the benefits of the conjunction. There might be an opportunity to go abroad.


Scorpions will also benefit from this celestial conjunction. There will be financial gains. Health will remain good. You will also witness support from seniors at your office or business. Scorpions may also experience marital bliss during this time.


Saggitarians who are in the trade business will experience profits. They may experience security and feel stable in their current jobs. They will get complete support from your partner and children, as per astrological beliefs.

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