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Side by side refrigerators for storage and elegance: 8 best of September 2023

To appreciate the value of side-by-side refrigerators, it’s essential to compare them with conventional refrigerator models. While traditional refrigerators have served us well, side-by-side models offer a range of advantages. With their double doors, these refrigerators provide separate compartments for fresh and frozen foods, ensuring optimal storage conditions for both. This design not only enhances accessibility but also minimizes temperature fluctuations when the doors are opened, preserving the freshness of your groceries. Although side-by-side refrigerators may be positioned in the premium segment of home appliances, their benefits, especially for larger families or those who love to entertain, can outweigh the initial investment.

In this article, we will guide you through the best side-by-side refrigerators available online in September 2023. These appliances do more than just store your food; they can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. With their sleek designs, advanced features, and spacious interiors, side-by-side refrigerators are not just appliances; they’re statement pieces that contribute to the modern aesthetics of your home. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or looking for a refrigerator that complements your contemporary lifestyle, our selection of the top eight side-by-side refrigerators will help you make an informed decision. Join us on this journey to discover the perfect blend of storage and elegance for your home.

1. Samsung 653 L 3 Star Side by Side Refrigerator

The Samsung 653 L 3-Star side by side refrigerator is a true marvel of modern refrigeration technology. With its cavernous 653-litre capacity, it’s perfect for large families or those who love to entertain. The convertible 5-in-1 mode offers versatility like never before, allowing you to optimize storage based on your needs – whether it’s Normal Mode, Seasonal Mode, Extra Fridge Mode, Vacation Mode, or Home Alone Mode, this refrigerator has you covered.

The Digital Inverter Compressor ensures efficient cooling while consuming 50% less power and operating quietly. Twin Cooling Plus keeps your food fresh and odours at bay. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control your refrigerator from anywhere using your smartphone. The MoistFresh Zone, Powercool, and Powerfreeze features add to its appeal.

Specifications of Samsung 653 L Side by Side Refrigerator:

Capacity: 653 litres

Warranty: 1 year on product, 20 years on the compressor

Compressor: Digital Inverter Compressor

Fresh Food Capacity: 409 litres

Freezer Capacity: 244 litres

Compartments: 2

Drawers: 2

Shelves: 4 toughened glass shelves

Anti-Bacterial Gasket

Bottle Storage Capacity: 6

Pros Cons
Ideal for large families and those who need ample storage space It’s a premium appliance with a higher price tag
Convertible 5in1 mode offers flexibility in storage based on your needs Not the most energy efficient option
Wi-Fi enabled  

2. LG 655 L Frost-Free Side By Side Refrigerator

The LG 655 L frost-free inverter side by side refrigerator is a spacious and efficient cooling solution designed for larger families. With its massive 655-litre capacity, it offers ample room for all your groceries and more. The side-by-side design allows for easy organization and access to both fresh and frozen items.

Equipped with an Inverter compressor, this refrigerator is energy-efficient and helps maintain stable temperatures to keep your food fresher for longer. The tempered glass shelves are sturdy and easy to clean, and the multiple shelves and door baskets provide convenient storage options. However, if you prioritize storage and organization, the LG 655 L is an excellent choice for your kitchen.

Specifications of LG 655 L Side By Side Refrigerator:

Capacity: 655 litres

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on the compressor

Freezer Capacity: 239 litres

Fresh Food Capacity: 416 litres

Shelf Type: Tempered Glass Shelves

Pros Cons
Huge capacity is perfect for large families with abundant storage needs It may not be the most energy-saving option in its category
Inverter compressor provides energy efficiency and temperature stability It’s a premium appliance with a relatively higher price point
Side by side design offers easy access and organization  

3. Hisense 564 L Side by Side Refrigerator with Water Dispenser

Are you looking for a spacious refrigerator with the convenience of a water dispenser? The Hisense 564 L side by side door refrigerator might be the answer. With a generous 564-litre capacity, it’s suitable for larger families and offers ample storage space for all your groceries.

The standout feature of this refrigerator is its water dispenser, providing you with chilled water at your fingertips. This is a handy addition for quick refreshment, especially on hot days.

The digital inverter compressor ensures energy efficiency, quiet operation, and long-lasting performance. The spill-proof toughened glass shelves are adjustable, making it easy to customize the storage layout to suit your needs.

Specifications of Hisense 564 L Side by Side Refrigerator:

Capacity: 564 litres

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on the compressor

Freezer Capacity: 217 litres

Fresh Food Capacity: 347 litres

Shelf Type: Spill-proof toughened adjustable glass shelves

Pros Cons
Water dispenser provides convenient access to chilled drinking water May not be the most energy-efficient option
Spacious making it ideal for large families Warranty limited to one year, which is relatively short for a major appliance
Digital inverter compressor for energy efficiency  

4. Haier 596 L Frost Free Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator

Imagine having a refrigerator that not only keeps your groceries fresh but also offers a generous 596 litres of storage space – perfect for families of five or more. The Haier 596 L frost free inverter side by side refrigerator does just that and more.

In a hypothetical scenario, picture this: you’ve just completed a big grocery haul, and you need ample storage for your fresh produce, dairy, and frozen items. This refrigerator answers the call with its spacious design, featuring a large vegetable box, toughened glass shelves, and additional door pockets.

The inverter compressor with cooling technology ensures efficient and silent operation while providing durability. Plus, it comes with a unique Deo Fresh Technology that keeps your food fresh for up to 21 days.

Specifications of Haier 596 L Side by Side Refrigerator:

Capacity: 596 litres

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on the compressor

Freezer Capacity: 238 litres

Fresh Food Capacity: 358 litres

Shelf Type: Toughened Glass ShelvesSpa

Pros Cons
Spacious design ideal for larger families and extensive grocery shopping Product warranty is limited to one year, which might not cover long-term issues
Inverter compressor for energy efficiency, silent operations and durability  
Deo fresh technology keeps your food fresh for extended period  

5. LLYOD Havells 587 L Side By Side Refrigerator

The LLOYD Havells 587 L side by side refrigerator is a stellar addition to any modern kitchen, offering an expansive storage capacity suitable for families with five or more members.

With a 5-star energy rating, this refrigerator is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you reduce your electricity bills while keeping your food fresh and cool. It comes with an auto-defrost function, preventing ice build-up and making maintenance a breeze.

The toughened glass shelves provide durability and support for your groceries, and you’ll find three of them inside this spacious refrigerator. It’s backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on the product and an impressive 10 years on the compressor, giving you peace of mind. However, it’s essential to note that the package includes just the refrigerator and a user manual, so additional accessories may be required.

Specifications of LLOYD Havells 587 L Side By Side Refrigerator:

Capacity: 587 litres

Energy Star: 5-star rating

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

Shelf Type: Toughened Glass Shelves

Pros Cons
Ideal for larger families with extensive storage needs The package includes only the refrigerator and a user manual
5-star energy rating ensures cost-effective operation  
Auto defrost prevents ice build-up and simplifies maintenance  

6. Godrej 564 L Side By Side Refrigerator

The Godrej 564 L multi air flow system side by side refrigerator is a sophisticated cooling powerhouse designed for families with five or more members. One standout feature is the advanced controls integrated into the sleek LED display control panel on the door. This allows you to effortlessly customize and control refrigerator settings, adding a touch of convenience to your daily life.

The Multi Air Flow System ensures an even and intelligent distribution of airflow throughout both the fridge and freezer sections, maintaining a consistent temperature. This feature keeps your food fresher for longer, reducing wastage. With a capacity of 564 litres, this refrigerator offers ample storage space for your groceries, including a large aqua space for accommodating 2-litre bottles. Additionally, the appliance provides customizable temperature settings for both the freezer and fridge compartments.

Godrej backs this product with a robust warranty, including a 10-year compressor warranty and a 1-year comprehensive warranty.

Specifications of Godrej 564 L side by side refrigerator:

Capacity: 564 litres

Energy Efficiency: Frost-Free

Warranty: 10 years compressor warranty, 1-year comprehensive warranty

Special Features: Multi Air Flow, Customized Temperature Setting, Advanced Controls on the Door

Pros Cons
The LED display control panel on the door provides convenient access to refrigerator settings The refrigerator’s large size may require sufficient space in the kitchen
Multi Airflow System maintains consistent temperatures, extending the freshness of stored food  
Suitable for larger families with extensive storage needs  

7. Midea 482 L Side by Side Refrigerator with Inverter

The Midea 482 L side by side refrigerator with inverter is a stellar addition to any modern kitchen, offering cutting-edge features that enhance food preservation and convenience. Powered by the Inverter Quatro Compressor, this refrigerator ensures efficient cooling and minimal energy consumption, contributing to its impressive 5-star energy rating.

Multi Layer Air Flow technology evenly distributes cool air throughout the refrigerator, maintaining optimal temperatures for your food items. The Ultra Thin Foaming Technology helps in efficient insulation, reducing energy wastage. One standout feature is the Active C Fresh system, which helps preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables by controlling humidity levels. Additionally, the Humidity Control feature allows you to tailor the environment inside the crisper to specific produce.

While the refrigerator comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, its performance and energy efficiency make it a reliable choice for households.

Specifications of Midea 482 L Side by Side Refrigerator with Inverter:

Capacity: 482 litres

Energy Efficiency: 5-star rating

Compressor: Inverter Quatro Compressor

Special Features: Multi Layer Air Flow, Ultra Thin Foaming Technology, Active C Fresh, Humidity Control

Pros Cons
Boasts a 5-star rating and an Inverter Quatro Compressor for reduced power consumption The 1-year manufacturer warranty may be shorter compared to some competitors
Evenly distributes cool air for consistent temperatures  
Preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables with humidity control  

8. LG 694 L Side By Side Refrigerator

The LG 694 L side by side Refrigerator with a 4-star rating and Smart Inverter Compressor is a top-tier appliance designed to meet the demands of large families. This frost-free refrigerator offers an impressive 694 L gross capacity, with a freezer capacity of 270 L and fresh food capacity of 424 L, making it suitable for households with five or more members.

LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor technology not only ensures efficient cooling but also contributes to substantial energy savings. The refrigerator’s intelligent air filter is a standout feature, capable of removing up to 99.999% of bacteria and minimizing unpleasant odours. While it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty, the LG 694 L refrigerator excels in energy efficiency, advanced features, and spacious storage, making it an excellent choice for large families.

Specifications of LG 694 L Side By Side Refrigerator:

Capacity: 694 litres

Energy Efficiency: 4-star rating

Compressor: Smart Inverter Compressor

Special Features: Intelligent Air Filter, Frost-Free

Pros Cons
Ideal for large families with separate freezer and fridge sections The 1-year product warranty may seem limited for a premium refrigerator
Utilizes Smart Inverter Compressor technology for energy savings  
Removes bacteria and minimizes odours, ensuring food freshness  

Best 3 features of side by side refrigerator

Product Name Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
Samsung 653 L 3 Star Convertible 5in1 mode Large Capacity Digital Inverter Compressor
LG 655 L Frost-Free Inverter Compressor Premium Build Large Capacity
Hisense 564 L with Water Dispenser Water Dispenser Inverter Quatro Compressor Multi-Layer Air Flow
Haier 596 L Frost Free Inverter Energy-Efficient Inverter Extra Storage Options Multi-Air Flow
Lloyd Havells 587 L 5-Star Energy Rating Toughened Glass Shelves 587L Capacity
Godrej 564 L Multi Air Flow Multi Air Flow System Customized Temperature Settings 564 L Capacity
Midea 482 L with Inverter Energy Efficient Multi-Layer Air Flow Ultra-Thin Foaming Technology
LG 694 L 4 Star Smart Inverter Compressor Multi-Flow Air Technology 694 L Capacity

Best value for money

The Haier 596 L Frost Free Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator offers a compelling blend of features and affordability. With an energy-efficient inverter compressor, extra storage options, and multi-air flow technology, it provides excellent value for money. It caters to the needs of large families with its spacious interior while ensuring efficient cooling and food preservation.

Best overall product

The LG 655 L Frost-Free Side By Side Refrigerator stands out as the best overall product. With a premium build, large capacity, and an energy-efficient inverter compressor, it caters to the requirements of large families. The refrigerator’s multi-flow air technology ensures consistent cooling throughout, keeping food fresh for longer. LG’s reputation for quality and durability further enhances its appeal, making it the top choice for those seeking a reliable and feature-rich side-by-side refrigerator.

How to find the right side by side refrigerator?

When choosing the right side-by-side refrigerator, consider factors such as capacity, energy efficiency, special features, and budget. Assess your family’s needs and opt for a refrigerator with a capacity that suits your storage requirements. Look for energy-efficient models with high star ratings to save on electricity bills.

Special features like inverter compressors, convertible modes, and multi-air flow systems enhance the refrigerator’s performance. Read customer reviews and expert opinions to gauge real-world performance and durability. Finally, stay within your budget and compare prices across brands and models to find the best deal.


Question : What is the benefit of a side-by-side refrigerator?

Ans : Side-by-side refrigerators offer spacious storage, separate freezer and fridge sections, and advanced features like inverter compressors and convertible modes.

Question : Are side-by-side refrigerators energy-efficient?

Ans : Many side-by-side models come with high star ratings, indicating good energy efficiency.

Question : Do side-by-side refrigerators have water dispensers?

Ans : Some side-by-side refrigerators, like the Hisense 564 L, come with water dispensers for added convenience.

Question : Can I fit a side-by-side refrigerator in a small kitchen?

Ans : Side-by-side refrigerators are larger, so ensure you have enough space in your kitchen.

Question : Are side-by-side refrigerators noisy?

Ans : Noisy operation can vary by brand and model, so check reviews for noise levels before buying.

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