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Invest Rs 50 daily and get Rs 35 lakh: Post Office scheme

Know how you can contribute Rs 50 regular and make 35 lakh toward the end.

Ventures made in the post office are viewed as secure speculations. Ventures truly do imply risk figures yet speculations the post office plans are viewed as completely safe. This can likewise be the most ideal way to launch your excursion of speculations. Speculations can be a decent approach to getting your future beginning from today itself.

35 lakh rupee return:

Small savings scheme through the post office can be your most ideal decision. This additionally has an okay variable, and the prizes are similarly great. Interest in ‘Gram Suraksha Plan’ may be the correct approach to getting your future. One such choice that gives significant benefits no gamble is the assurance plan presented by India Post.

You want to deposit 1500 rupees every month into this plan. You will ultimately profit from 31 to 35 lakh rupees assuming you reliably store this sum.

Look at the rules for financial planning:

  1. Any individual who is a resident of India and is between the ages of 19 and 55 may put resources into this plan.
  2. The plan’s base aggregate guaranteed goes from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakh.
  3. This plan’s premium can be paid on a month to month, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly premise.
  4. 30 days of grace period are conceded for paying the premium.
  5. On this arrangement, you can likewise get a credit.
  6. Subsequent to partaking in this plan for a very long time, you can likewise drop it. Yet, make a note that you won’t acquire anything in such case.

What are the generally anticipated benefit?

In case an individual signs up for this program at 19 years old and buys a protection for Rs. 10 lakh, their month to month premium would be Rs.1515 for a considerable length of time. Rs 1463 for a long time, and Rs. 1411 for a long time. The policy purchaser will get a development benefit for this situation of Rs 31.60 lakh for a long time, Rs 33.40 lakh for a considerable length of time, and Rs 34.60 lakh for a considerable length of time.


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