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Get Rs 3300 pension by depositing just Rs 50000 in this Post Office scheme, check details 

To profit the advantages of this arrangement, you need to set aside a one-time payment and afterward get interest on cash like benefits month to month or yearly.

While picking any speculation, the principle elements to ponder are hazard and award. While searching for secure speculations with great returns, saving plans presented by Post Office are one of the better choices. One such scheme by the post office offering security and great returns is the MIS Scheme.

To profit the advantages of this arrangement, you need to put aside a one-time payment and afterward get interest on the cash like benefits consistently. Besides, the one-time deposit is likewise gotten once again to investor on the plan’s development. Tell us the subtleties of this plan:

Presently, the PO MIS plot offers an interest rate of 6.6 percent per annum that is payable consistently. An individual can contribute a limit of Rs 4.5 lakh with this plan in a single account. For a joint account, the most extreme sum is Rs 9 lakh. The residency of the MIS plan is 5 years.

Qualification for Post Office MIS account

  • Single adult
  • Joint account can be opened with up to 3 grown-ups
  • A guardian can open in the interest of minor or individual of shaky brain
  • A minor over 10 years old can open account in his own name.

Putting aside a Post Office MIS payment:

  • An individual can open a account with a minimum deposit of Rs 1,000 and in products of Rs 100.
  • Maximum deposit sum: Rs 4.5 lakh for single account, Rs 9 lakh for joint account.
  • Every one of the joint holders of in a MIS joint account have equivalent offer in the speculation
  • A singular’s deposits/shares in all MIS accounts will not be more than Rs 4.50 lakh.
  • The limit for account opened by a watchman for the benefit of a minor will be isolated.

Monthly Income Scheme Calculator:

  • A deposit of Rs 50,000 will get an arrival of Rs 275 every month or Rs 3300 per year for quite some time. This welcomes the absolute profit from 5 years to Rs 16,500.
  • While saving Rs 1 lakh, this figure is Rs 550 every month or Rs 6,600 every year, adding up to Rs 33,000 out of 5 years.
  • A greatest speculation of Rs 4.5 lakh brings Rs 2,475 every month, Rs 29,700 every year and Rs 1,48,500 as interest in 5 years.

Interest on Post Office MIS:

  • The premium on Post Office MIS will be payable when the month is finished from the record opening date, until maturity.
  • If account holder doesn’t guarantee regularly scheduled payable premium, such premium if any will not be procuring any extra premium.
  • Any overabundance store by the account holder will be discounted. PO Savings Account revenue will apply from the account opening date to discount date.
  • An auto loan facility to guarantee month to month interest into a bank account at similar post office or ECS is accessible.
  • In the hand of the investor, the premium is available

Shutting Post Office MIS account rashly:

  • Deposit can’t be removed in no less than 1 year from the deposit date.
  • If MIS account is shut following 1 year and before a long time from account opening date, a derivation from the head to the tune of 2% will be finished with the rest of back.
  • Shutting between 3 years to 5 years, a 1 percent derivation from the chief will be made before payment of residual sum.
  • To close account rashly, an investor needs to present the recommended application structure alongside passbook at the concerned part of Post Office.


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