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Do You Know How Dev Joshi Was Selected For Going To The Moon? Baalveer Actor Reveals It All

Last Updated: December 13, 2022, 15:07 IST

Dev Joshi, a 22-year-old Indian actor, is the youngest of all members of the dearMoon crew.

Dev Joshi shared details about the selection process for visit to the Moon and revealed that he had to undergo several physical tests, meetings and interviews.

It is no secret that Baalveer actor Dev Joshi will be soon going to the Moon along with Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and other ‘dearMoon CREW’. It will be a week-long trip around the moon is led by Maezawa on the spacecraft Starship developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. While Dev is the youngest among the other visitors, do you know he he got selected for the mission?

In a recent interview, Dev Joshi revealed the same when he talked about how he has always been very interested in learning about the outer space. Therefore, while he was shooting for Baalveer last year, he got to know about the opportunity and decided to apply for the same. “So when I was shooting for Baalveer in 2021, I came across this post which said that a Japanese billionaire is taking artistes to space. It was a unique opportunity, so I visited their website and applied,” he told E-times.

Sharing details about the selection process, the young actor revealed that he had to undergo several rounds of physical tests, meetings and interviews. He also mentioned that there were a total of 10 lakh applicants out of which only eight have been selected. “The process of selection was really long. I had to go through physical tests, meetings and interviews, where they wanted to know about me and if I am fit to go to the moon. I also got to meet Yusaku Maezawa. There were around 10 lakh applications from all over the world and there were many rounds before the eight names were finalised. I always dreamt of this and now I’m actually going to the moon. I am extremely happy and excited,” he added.

Dev Joshi concluded by saying that he is ‘young, inspiring and motivating’ and added that these are the aspects which worked in his favour for section.

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