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Cancer To Sagittarius, Zodiac Signs Who Will Enjoy Benefits Of Jupiter Retrograde –

Cancerians, Leos, and Sagittarians will enjoy the benefit of Jupiter’s retrograde.

Cancer natives can find themselves flourishing in business prospects during the Jupiter retrograde on September 4.

On September 4, Jupiter will retrograde in Aries, marking a significant celestial event. After that, on December 31, Jupiter will return to its direct motion. Keeping the retrograde in mind, astrologers predict that this journey of the planet Jupiter will have a mixed effect on the 12 zodiac signs, depending on where Jupiter is located in their birth charts. While some natives of the zodiac will be affected negatively, others will be bestowed with positive results. Ahead of the Jupiter retrograde, Bhopal resident and astrologer, Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma has revealed the zodiac signs who will be benefitted from the celestial phenomenon.


The Jupiter retrograde will prove beneficial for people under the Cancer zodiac sign. Jupiter will move into retrograde in the Karma house of all Cancerians. Not just that. Since Jupiter is the lord of the sixth and ninth house of Cancer, the retrograde will be all the more auspicious for Cancerians this year. Cancer natives can find themselves flourishing in business prospects. They will be lucky in every endeavour. Matters of the court, if any, might get resolved. People stuck in the same position at a job might also get a promotion. On the religious front, Cancerians will be more inclined toward spiritual activities and go on a pilgrimage.


The second sign who will benefit from the Jupiter retrograde in Leo. Jupiter will retrograde in the house of luck for people under the Leo zodiac sign. Jupiter is the lord of the fifth and eighth house of the zodiac. Leos can expect some good news from their children. People researching something will reap the benefits of the research. Any pending work might be completed and the economic conditions are expected to improve. A surge in income is also on the cards, accompanied by significant progress in family life.


During the Jupiter retrograde, people under the Sagittarius zodiac sign will be lucky in matters of the heart. The planet will retrograde in the zodiac’s fifth house. People who want to bring a child into this world will find success. Jupiter is the lord of the fourth house in Sagittarius. Natives under the sign might purchase a new property or a vehicle. Overall Sagittarians will enjoy an auspicious time during the retrograde.

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