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Bigg Boss 16 Day 29 Highlights: Bigg Boss Tears Shalin Banot Apart, Tells Him ‘Stop Your Acting Audition’

Bigg Boss 16 Day 29 Highlights: Bigg Boss blasted Shalin Bhanot after a fight erupted over the food ration in the house. A fight broke out in the Bigg Boss 16 house on Sunday over the lack of food in the house. It all began with the shortage of food supplies in the house. While the contestants were trying to figure out the quantity, Shalin walked into the kitchen and Gautam Vig gave 16 eggs to him. Gautam and Soundarya were trying to sort out the ration for the other meals when Shalin demands Bigg Boss for more protein-rich food.

Just as they were trying to figure out the food situation, Priyanka asked Soundarya about how many eggs were given to everyone. When Gautam revealed the division of eggs, Priyanka was shocked to find out about the uneven division. This led to Shiv Thakare and Sajid Khan going on a hunger strike.

This led to the fight intensifying and more contestants got involved. Priyanka confronted Shalin about the egg distribution. Gautam, who is the captain this week, tried to sort the fight out but it goes to vain when Shalin lost his cool and began fighting with Priyanka. The argument only grew further with Priyanka and Shalin bickering louder and louder. Simultaneously, Gautam and Nimrit also get into a fight, which makes the day only worse for everyone in the house.

Once things settled, Shiv told Gautam that he should have called everyone to discuss the ration instead of making such calls. Gautam argued that he wanted to sort the breakfast first. While people discussed the fight among themselves, Bigg Boss assembled everyone and asked Shalin to appear in the confession room.


With a bowl of 150 gms of chicken kept in front of him, Bigg Boss began tearing him apart with his taunt-filled statements. Evidently angry, Bigg Boss asked Shalin to stop acting in the house and be his real self. He reminded him that this is a reality show and he expects everyone to be real. He also asked him to stop begging for chicken in every camera and not demean his needs to those who have medical requirements. Once done, Bigg Boss asked Shalin to leave. However, Shalin wasn’t done. He tauntingly informed Bigg Boss that he needs 150 gms of chicken a meal, twice a day. While Bigg Boss said he remembers his needs much like everyone else’s, he tauntingly thanked him for the reminder anyway.

With Bigg Boss calling out Shalin’s fakeness, Shiv, Priyanka, Archana, Stan, Gori, and Abdu were also seen discussing his facade version for the cameras.

Although Shalin’s chicken problem was resolved, Sajid and Shiv were still protesting against Gautam’s captaincy and refused to eat. When Gautam tried to wave the white flag, Sajid got into a fight with him. He eventually tried to sort the issue out.

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