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Bajaj Dynamo name trademark filed in India

The Dynamo nameplate joins a long list of trademarked names by Bajaj that haven’t seen the light of day.

Indian automobile industry heavyweight Bajaj Auto has trademarked yet another nameplate, the Dynamo. The company filed the patent this month and has passed the formalities check, but it is yet to be approved.

This trademark is in addition to some of their earlier ones which are yet to see the light of day, namely, BladeTwinner, Pulsar Elan and Pulsar Eleganz. When it comes to the usage of this nameplate, there are a whole host of possibilities. It could spawn a two-wheeler powered by either petrol or electric power, or it could even herald the arrival of a new three-wheeler.

Interestingly, this trademark also reveals that the Dynamo nameplate could be used as the moniker for a conventional ICE, or for an electric powerplant that Bajaj may develop for usage in future models.

As is typical for these trademarks, there are scarcely any details available and only time will tell if this nameplate even makes it onto a production-ready Bajaj vehicle or remains unused for a long time.

Do you think Bajaj will break its streak of  stagnant trademarks with the Dynamo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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