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BTS Member Jin Tops Twitter Trends As ARMYs Speculate About His K-Drama Debut

BTS fans aka ARMY are rooting for band member Jin to work as an actor. Although no official confirmation has yet been made, it is a recent interview of South Korean actor Kim Nam Gil that has fuelled the speculations. With actor Jin trending on Twitter, several fans are already sure of the eldest member of the band swooning the audience with his undeniable charm.

It all started when Nam Gil talked about Jin’s talents in a an interview with Cosmopolitan. The 42-year-old said that he has worked with Jin. The actor said, “It’s because I am behind the digital age. I can communicate better with my hyungs (elder men) and noonas (elder women). I worked with young people like BTS’ Jin, Cha Eunwoo and Seohyun, but I couldn’t communicate well.” However, it all turned out to be a case of lost in translation. According to AllKpop, Cosmopolitan has since edited the interview, correcting the sentence to, “I’m acquainted with BTS’s Jin.”

Acting or not, the little glimmer of hope that brought the BTS fans to think of Jin’s debut has given us some priceless reactions on Twitter. As one fan tweeted, “No because Kim Nam Gil, Cha Eunwoo and Seokjin in one drama will be insane no one is ready for actor Jin.”

Fans also revisited an old interview of Jin where the 29-year-old had confessed that his second dream was to become an actor. Jin often introduces himself as “Worldwide Handsome,” and is quite aware of his good looks.

Another fan commented, “Actor Jin will shake the industry.” The tweet was accompanied by footage of Jin from a BTS music video where he had deployed his impressive acting skills.

It should be noted that Jin being the eldest member of BTS might be the first one to go for the compulsory two-year military service.

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