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Babul Supriyo’s 4-year-old Daughter Naina is Passionate About Music, Inspires Him to Practise Guitar

She is four and a half years old, but she is born with music in her genes. Meet Naina, daughter of singer-politician Babul Supriyo, who is now learning music, following in her father’s footsteps. Naina has started taking interest in music at a young age.

Babul Supriyo posted on social media about his daughter’s interest in music. Not just him, his his father too is busy these days teaching Naina music. “Loving something isn’t enough. One has to be ‘Passionate & strongly too’ for what they love. I see genuine love and passion in the way my little one Naina enjoys music and singing, even when she is alone. When she wishes to learn a song, she doesn’t leave my Dad or me till she learns it. Pure Bliss,” he posted on facebook.

In another post, Babul said Naina inspires him to practice playing the guitar. He posted a video of him playing the guitar as Naina sings the viral song ‘Chand Baaliyan’ and wrote, “I am a novice in guitars but Naina inspires me to practise.. I don’t wish to make too many mistakes when she is singing with me & so very gleefully.”

Babul is now MLA Ballygunge and has a busy schedule as a singer and as a politician. But amidst all this, he takes out time to teach Naina. “Anytime is good time.. she is very sporting and loves it thoroughly,” Babul told News18. He sits with the guitar and Naina seriously listens to her father and learns the tune.

Naina has been taking interest in music always. She listens to music on her iPad. Whether she is travelling in a car or in the house, most of the time she is tuned into some music.

Babul Supriyo has been a popular singer for over 20 years in Hindi, Bengali and several other languages. There is musical environment in his family. His elder daughter Sharmilee, from his first marriage, is also musically inclined.

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