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Apart from Coronavirus, Covid-19 Vaccine Fought Against These Diseases as Well

The number of Covid-19 cases is rapidly increasing in India right now. And add to that the threat posed by the Omicron variant. Notably, though, the new patients have reported mild symptoms, and hence also recovered relatively quicker. Most of the people infected with Covid-19 have reported symptoms like cold, cough, cold, runny nose, headache and body ache.

The very same symptoms have been reported among people during common or seasonal colds in the past. And now experts say that many people, who earlier experienced cold and flu, are better this time because of the Covid-19 vaccination.

Professor Sunit Kumar Singh, Head of the Department of Molecular Biology Unit, Banaras Hindu University, told News18 that when we talk about common cough, cold or flu-like symptoms, the influenza flu virus is not the only virus responsible for it. Dr Sunit added that two types of alpha coronavirus NL-63, 229-e and beta coronaviruses two species OC-43 (OC-43) and HKU-1 have been infecting the population for a long time.

Vaccination reduced common cold:

Dr Sunit said that the most important thing is that for people who have been vaccinated or were infected with the virus, the antibodies cross-reacted with the normal antibodies and helped prevent the virus responsible for the symptoms of a cold.

Dr Sunit further said that compared to the alpha coronavirus, the Omicron variant is spreading faster. In this case, too, people are experiencing the same symptoms as in the common cold caused by influenza flu. But they may also be the symptoms of the Omicron variant. And therefore, it is very important to get the RTPCR test done. If the test results are positive, one must take the advised measures.

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