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Your House Registry Lost? Here are the steps you must take to safeguard your property

Have you lost your house registry? Become familiar with the moves toward shield your property freedoms and forestall possible extortion.

You’ve probably heard about cases of fraud involving real estate and land, so it’s important to take precautions to avoid falling victim. Your home archives act as confirmation of property possession.

However, what occurs in the event that the first vault of your home is lost, and another person has a duplicate of it? Could they at any point enroll the house in their name?

The consoling reality is that the recorder’s office generally keeps a duplicate of your property library. Assuming that the first is lost, it tends to be recovered effectively, taking out worries about losing your duplicate. By the by, if another person accesses it, understanding the moves toward take when your vault is lost can safeguard you from possible misrepresentation.

  1. Document a police report: Assuming you lose your unique property vault, report it at the closest police headquarters. Keep a duplicate of the FIR and present one more duplicate to the enlistment center office. In writing, notify the sub-registrar of the loss.
  2. Legally approve an endeavor: Consider getting a legally approved property undertaking on stamp paper. Incorporate all property subtleties, data about the lost papers, FIR data, and the paper notice of record misfortune. Register and legally approve the endeavor, then, at that point, submit it to the closest enlistment center office.
  3. Get copy papers: Apply for duplicate papers at the registrar’s office following the submission of the property undertaking. Give a duplicate of the FIR, paper notice, and the legally approved endeavor. Some handling charges might apply, yet you’ll get a copy deal deed in your name.

In the event that your house documents are misplaced, taking these steps can assist in protecting your property and avoiding potential fraud.


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