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World Hypertension Day 2022: 5 Highly Effective Ways to Keep Anxiety and Stress Away

WORLD HYPERTENSION DAY 2022: May 17 is observed as World Hypertension Day annually. The observance of the day aims to spread awareness about cardiovascular diseases. In simple terms, Hypertension is high blood pressure. One of the main and most common causes of cardiovascular diseases all over the world is hypertension. A lot of times, this disease goes unnoticed due to the unawareness and misconceptions people have about it. Globally, over a billion people are currently living with hypertension. There are several reasons that explain the numbers.

  • Comparatively poor healthcare
  • Personal health awareness
  • Misconceptions
  • Lower standard of living

Apart from medical assistance and medications, here are some of the practices you can follow in your life to keep stress and anxiety away:

  1. A routine is a must
    Being on a routine works wonders for your heart health. Discipline in respect to the body has proven to be one of the ways that can provide a better quality of life. Although it’s not easy to be on a routine and a strict one at that, it negates the sources of stress and anxiety and thus the repercussions of it. A simple routine in doing nearly everything on an hourly, daily or even weekly basis.
  2. Eat healthy
    Healthy nutrition is mandatory for good heart health. Make sure your diet contains fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and grains. Nutrition such as antioxidants and fibre are beneficial for heart health. Refraining from processed and unhealthy food can help prevent stress as well.
  3. Enough water intake
    Water is most important for the survival of the human body. For a person with cardiovascular complexities, adequate water intake is mandatory. Minimum of 3 litres of water is needed for the healthy functioning of the heart. Dehydration has its own repercussions on the human body. The stress sources become more active. It can worsen and turn into physical discomfort or even pain.
  4. Balance the stress
    Not all stress is bad. Feeling a little rushed and worried is considered alright for the natural functioning of the human body. Use the stress to test how your heart performs under pressure. Be very acute of how your body reacts to stress and anxiety.
  5. Physical activity
    Indulging in physical activity on a daily basis can be extremely beneficial for heart health. Physical activities such as jogging, cycling, swimming and cardio-specific exercises for an hour a day is more than enough to improve the overall health of the heart.

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