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World Breastfeeding Week 2022: 5 Methods Mothers Should Try to Comfortably Feed Infants

Although breastfeeding is a natural activity, it is also a skill that takes time to master. It usually gets easier with experience as both the mother and the infant learn the best nursing practices for them. The optimal breastfeeding positions allow a baby to latch onto the breast easily and pleasantly, avoid straining the muscles, and lower the risk of nipple injuries and discomfort.

As a baby develops and a mother gets confidence, the optimum nursing position may alter. No single position is suitable for everyone. Instead, experiment with several postures to see which ones perform best in particular scenarios.

Cradle Hold

The mother supports the infant in this position by placing her arm on the side of the feeding breast. Sit up straight and hold your baby in your arm, his or her head resting in the bend of your elbow while he or she faces the breast. You can gain some extra support by placing a cushion over your lap.

Cross Cradle Hold

Sit up in a chair and place the baby across the front of your body, supported in the bend of the arm opposite the breast from which the baby will feed.

Side-lying hold

When you’re sleepy and don’t want to sit up, this is an excellent option, especially at night. Feed your infant while lying down with your body parallel to his or her. Make sure both of you feel at ease. You can lay your head on a pillow.

Football Hold

This posture has been shown to be beneficial for neonates who are learning to latch. Hold your infant gently out to the side, at the level of your waist. Keep the baby’s face toward the breast and the head supported with an open hand. Support your breast in a C-shape with the other hand, with the baby’s back and neck resting on the forearm.

Koala Hold

This nursing posture, often known as upright breastfeeding, is comparable to the football grip. In an upright posture, support your infant by straddling over your knees.

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