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Will Smith Seemingly Pokes Fun At Oscar 2022 Slap On TikTok

Last Updated: February 22, 2023, 17:17 IST

Will Smith uploaded a video on Instagram giving his reaction to a TikTok video.

Will Smith posted a video on TikTok, where he seemed to make a joke about the controversy he stirred at the 2022 ceremony, in which he jumped on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock.

Hollywood actor Will Smith made headlines when he walked up to the stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock at Oscar 2022. The event that incited this was the comedian making a joke about Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s autoimmune disorder, alopecia. The actor did not apologise to Chris during his acceptance speech but later released a video about it (more on that later). Yet now, Will seemed to be making fun of the Oscar Slapgate in his latest TikTok video, reported USA Today.

In the split screen of Will Smith’s video, a TikTok user explained how people can ask objects what they think of them. She said that while it might sound instant, doing this one thing can change people’s life. That is, make it more fun and interesting. The TikToker added, “Did you know that you can pick any object, look at it and ask it what it thinks of you? So, for example, you can pick up a pen and ask it how it sees you or what it thinks of you, and you will get an answer in your mind from your intuition.”

Will Smith was seen considering her words before he reached for his Oscar trophy from off camera. The clip ends as the actor asks his trophy the question.

Following the Oscar slap gate the actor released a clip to apologise to Chris Rock. In the almost six-minute clip, he talked about how his behaviour towards Chris was unacceptable. Will Smith had also tried to set the record straight in his apology video on his wife not being involved in the Slapgate controversy. He said, “It’s like, you know, I made a choice on my own from my own experiences, from my history with Chris. Jada had nothing to do with it.” Will Smith went on to apologize to both her and his family for all the hate they had been receiving as a consequence of his choice.

Further, he apologized to the winners of the Oscar 2022, saying, “It really breaks my heart to have stolen and have tarnished your moment. I’m sorry really isn’t sufficient.”

Oscar is set to return for its 95th Academy Awards ceremony on March 12. The ceremony will be held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles.

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