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When Hrithik Roshan Held Himself Responsible After Rakesh Roshan Was Shot: 'I Wanted To Quit Films' – DellyRanks

When Hrithik Roshan wanted to quit films after his father Rakesh Roshan was shot.

Hrithik Roshan had once recalled the harrowing ordeal after his father Rakesh Roshan was shot by two assailants.

In the early hours of April 14, gunfire was reported outside Salman Khan’s residence in Mumbai. The incident occurred around 4.55 am, as per initial reports by CNN-, with two individuals spotted on a motorcycle and fired three shots in the air. But this is not the first time a Bollywood celebrity is targeted. Back in 2000, Hrithik Roshan’s father Rakesh Roshan was shot by two members of the Budesh gang. The Fighter actor had recalled about it during an interaction with Simi Grewal.

In January of 2000, the same year Hrithik Roshan made his film debut with ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’ alongside Amisha Patel, and the movie achieved massive blockbuster success, a distressing event occurred within the Roshan family. The film’s popularity brought unwelcome attention, and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan was shot in Santacruz, near his office, an event that shocked his family and the entire Bollywood community.

For those unaware, in 2000, Rakesh Roshan was targeted by two members of the Budesh gang, who shot him twice. The assailants managed to escape, but Roshan survived the attempt on his life thanks to prompt medical attention. The attack was reportedly motivated by the underworld’s desire for a cut of the profits from ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai,’ a demand that Roshan had resisted.

In an emotional interview with Simi Garewal a few weeks following the shocking attack on his father, Hrithik revealed he felt a deep sense of responsibility for the ordeal and contemplated leaving the film industry altogether. “From shock to anger to seeing dad there on the hospital bed, I had never seen him like this. I wanted to quit, I really wanted to just quit films because I knew I was directly or indirectly responsible for what had happened to him and nothing was worth it. All this is not worth his life,” he was quoted by Zoom.

With evident emotion, Hrithik added, “I think I should have [quit films] because it is very disillusioning and maybe, it goes from bad to worse. I know I had that chance then. I did not take the first step so I cannot hold anyone else responsible for not doing anything about it. I did not do anything about it.”

Hrithik also expressed that the incident had the potential to change him as a person, hinting at a different path his life might have taken had the attack not occurred. Additionally, he shared a poignant detail that amidst the turmoil, he never had the opportunity to celebrate the monumental success of ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai.’

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