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When Art Director DRK Kiran Met Rajinikanth 32 Years Ago –

Rajinikanth’s Jailer released in cinemas on August 10.

DRK Kiran shared two photos; the first picture was a throwback to when he met Rajinikanth in his childhood as a fan.

The much-awaited Thalaiva Day dawned yesterday, marking the triumphant return of Rajinikanth to the big screen after a two-year hiatus. As curtains lifted on his latest film in theatres, jubilant fans united in fervent celebration, igniting a wave of enthusiasm that could only be described as the ‘jailer’ fever that swept through southern India. Bursting fireworks, rhythmic dhol beats, and the symbolic pouring of milk on Rajinikanth’s poster painted a vivid tapestry of jubilation. As the film hits its stride at the box office, the nation basks in Rajinikanth’s charismatic on-screen presence.

The spectacle wasn’t confined to fans alone; celebrities also joined the chorus of cheers for the release of the film. Among them, cinema art director DRK Kiran took to Twitter to express his deep-seated emotions for the legendary actor. In a touching gesture, Kiran shared two pictures that encapsulated a remarkable 32-year journey.

The first photo, a cherished throwback, depicted Kiran as a wide-eyed fan meeting Rajinikanth in his childhood. The second, a more recent snapshot, showed the duo working together on the film Jailer. Kiran’s heartfelt caption underscored the significance of this day, declaring that it would be etched in his memory forever. He also extended an invitation to fellow fans, urging them to gather at the Rohini Theatre for the Jailer movie festival.

During an interaction with a media portal, DRK Kiran unveiled a heartwarming anecdote involving Rajinikanth’s fellow actor Thalapathy Vijay. Apparently, Vijay had stirred from his slumber early on the first day of the Jailer shoot, summoning Director Nelson to the set. The reason for this early call was simple yet profound – Vijay’s reverence for Rajinikanth. Such anecdotes only serve to highlight the deep camaraderie and admiration shared among the film industry’s stalwarts.

Renowned actor Rajinikanth’s influence transcends borders and regions, commanding a fervent global fan base. In certain pockets, his devotees even elevate their admiration to the level of worship. Thus, when the curtains rose on Rajinikanth’s latest cinematic offering, an unmistakable atmosphere of fervour engulfed his followers.

As reviews pour in, the film is earning accolades for its immersive narrative and unabashed mass entertainment. In Jailer, the seasoned actor seamlessly embraces the role of Muthuvel Pandian, a retired jailer who finds solace in his grandson’s YouTube channel. Yet, tranquillity quickly gives way to turmoil as his son uncovers a smuggling racket, thrusting Muthuvel into an unexpected spiral of events.

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