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WATCH: Railway Stations Famous for Best Local Foods in India

INDIAN RAILWAYS UPDATE: Train journeys are magical and exciting for many reasons. The anticipation of reaching a new destination, coupled with the perks of a train journey, makes for a memorable trip irrespective of whether you travel solo or with friends and family. Make your next train trip even more delightful by trying these station-side foods that offer you the best local flavours of that place. Treat yourself to the rich culinary diversity of India the next time you halt at these stations!

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Assistant Divisional Railway Manager, Ananth Rupanagudi has tweeted about some of the dishes that have made railway stations popular, and foodies can visit these stations

Aloo Tikki At Tundla Station

Many cities in Uttar Pradesh are famous for their chaat, and Tundla is one of them. The station offers a wide variety of sweet and spicy chaat to choose from, and if you’re short of time, you can have the Aloo Tikki, which will make you keep coming back for its unique taste.

Kanda Poha at Ratlam Station

Poha is best served in Madhya Pradesh, and the jeeravan masala, a speciality of the state gives an unparalleled taste to its food. The Ratlam station’s Poha, topped up with raw chopped onion, green chillies, and coriander is a must-have when you come across the city.

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Amritsari Lassi at Amritsar Station

While you can have Lassi at many places in India, if you didn’t taste the Amritsari Lassi, then you are missing out on the best version of the beverage. There is a reason why ‘dahi’ (curd) is so prominent in the states of Punjab, and you will have to taste the Lassi to know why it is worth the hype!

Maddur vada at Maddur

Maddur vada are crisp fried tikkis made from rice flour, semolina, and chopped onions. The dish gets its name from the town of Maddur in Karnataka, and is famous all over the country for its unique taste.

Kozhikode Halwa at Calicut Station

The sweet jelly-like pudding is made from coconut and the local spices of Kerala, and has become a celebrated dish by locals and non-locals alike. Treat your sweet tooth to this delicacy to experience the traditional taste of Kerala’s cuisine.

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