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Want to save yourself from lottery scams? Here’s what to do

Some phony lottery plans have been utilizing the name of the Indian Government illicitly to seem to be bona fide to individuals.

Tricks including lotteries are turning out to be more pervasive, where casualties get cases of winning aggregates that are basically unrealistic. In some cases swindlers use names of legitimate and notable brands to trick clueless casualties. Recently, a part of these fake lottery plans have been beguilingly utilizing the name of the Indian Government to trick individuals into thinking they are genuine.

It encouraged the overall population to try not to succumb to extortionists who tempt them to put resources into such lottery plans. The PIB has prompted against answering such calls, messages, and messages.

“Have you likewise gotten lottery-related dubious messages, email or call?” the PIB Tweeted. “Be careful with such phony lottery messages, calls and messages. These are monetary misrepresentation endeavors by hooligans,” it added.

Furthermore, PB dispersed a FacTree to assist residents with remaining caution against such fakes.

  • In the name of the Indian government, various phony lottery tricks are dynamic.
  • If you get such a message, call, or email guaranteeing you have scored that sweepstakes, you ought to quickly practice alert.
  • Give no private data, bank data, and so forth, to anybody.
  • Eliminate spam and undesirable messages right away.


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