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Ty-Ty Smith And Shabz Naqvi Launch New Label ‘Desi Trill Music’ With Universal Music Group –

The artists want to expand Hip Hop even further across the world. (Image: UMG)

The label venture is dedicated to Desi Trill, new global genre of music that merges South Asian artists and hip-hop.

Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, on Friday announced the launch of Desi Trill Music, a new label venture led by Ty-Ty Smith and Shabz Naqvi. The label will be dedicated to Desi Trill, a new genre of music that combines the musical style of South Asian artists with modern genres, representing a new global sound. Amid the ever-evolving South Asian music scene, which caters to diverse musical tastes with a range of genres and sounds, there’s no better moment for Desi Trill to enter the industry.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UMG, Sir Lucian Grainge, extended his blessings and welcomed the team into the UMG family. He said, “As the home for artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship in music, we’re so pleased that Ty-Ty and Shabz have chosen UMG as the global partner for Desi Trill. Having worked with Ty-Ty for many years, I know we share a passion for discovery and artist development, and I am excited to watch how he and Shabz influence culture around the world with this exciting new sound.”

Commenting on their label, Naqvi and Smith jointly said, “The whole idea and inspiration behind Desi Trill is to break boundaries. It’s about giving South Asians a voice and what could be a better way to do so than through music? It’s also a lot to do with expanding Hip Hop even further across the world and creating a new first-of-its-kind genre of music. South Asian culture, its food and its music among other things is rapidly spreading throughout the world and Desi Trill aims at giving music lovers the best of both worlds by creating music that blends two extremely popular genres together. We are really excited to begin this journey and we hope to have the support of music lovers across the world with us.”

What sets Desi Trill apart from other labels is its endeavour to create a new music genre, one that hasn’t been explored by anyone in the past. The innovative blend of Hip Hop, R&B and the dynamic essence of South Asian (Desi) music will give the listeners a genre that’s not only captivating but also transformative. Distributed globally by Universal Music Group, it is being launched at a time when desi music’s popularity is at its zenith with millions of die-hard fans spanning across the globe are grooving to its sounds and beats.

Another crucial factor that works for Desi Trill as it readies itself for launch is the abundance of experience that its team has under their belt. Ty-Ty Smith, in his career spanning over 20 years, is co-founder of Roc Nation, the global entertainment company that has cultivated many of today’s biggest acts such as DJ Khaled, JAY-Z, J Balvin, J. Cole, Rihanna and Shakira among others. Shabz Naqvi on the other hand began his journey at just 16 in the heart of South London and since then he has acquired chart-topping acclaim and 11 major music awards along the way.

Desi Trill’s debut artist is DJ Lyan, a trailblazer who adds a unique dimension to the label. His collaborations with South Asian artists will undoubtedly be something to watch out for.

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