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TVS X vs TVS Creon comparison: power, range, features

There is a great deal of resemblance between the two, both on the surface as well as beneath. But also some notable differences.

It was back in 2018 that TVS first showed the radical Creon concept at the Auto Expo. And this week, it finally came to reality in the form of the newly launched X electric scooter. At first glance, there is a very strong resemblance between the two machines, and under the surface, too, there are similarities. But there are also some notable differences.

TVS X vs Creon concept: motor and performance

In terms of similarities, both the Creon concept and the X e-scooter use a mid-mounted motor. In the case of the Creon, this was a 12kW unit, whereas on the X, it produces 11kW and 40Nm. This slightly lower power figure sits exactly at the limit of European A1 licensing norms, placing the X under the ‘moped’ category and allowing it to be ridden by users with only a car license as well.

TVS X vs Creon concept: battery and range

This is an area of major difference between the concept and the production version. At the 2018 Auto Expo, the Creon featured 3 separate Li-ion battery packs, while the X sports a single pack measuring 4.44kWh, of which 3.8kWh is usable. This gives it an IDC range of 140km, compared to the Creon’s claimed range of 80km.

Charging rates are also an area of difference, with the Creon claiming a super-fast charging time of 0-80% in 60 minutes, while the X gets a more realistic but still impressive charging rate of 0-50% in 50 minutes with an optional 3kW fast charger.

TVS X vs Creon concept: chassis and underpinnings

One of the big talking points on the Creon concept was its use of a sportbike-style aluminium twin-spar frame. And the company has managed to transfer this over to the production scooter as well, giving the X a prominent spine section characterised by the well-finished and neat-looking aluminium frame. Other chassis elements carried over are a well-executed single-sided swingarm and offset rear monoshock, as well as the telescopic fork up front. The Creon concept already had disc brakes at both ends, but the X has gone one step further by also throwing in single-channel ABS – the first e-scooter in the country to offer this feature.

TVS X vs Creon concept: design and features

Design is perhaps the biggest common link between the Creon and the X, with both bearing a very strong resemblance to each other. Up front, the vertical slit-style headlight is very distinctive, and the sharp styling on the apron has also been maintained. There are more differences as you move towards the rear, with the X showing off parts of its rear subframe, while the Creon had it hidden away under its bodywork. Since it was a concept, the Creon could also get away with having only a single-seat, while the X has a more reasonable two-seat layout.

Even back at the Expo, the Creon featured a colour TFT display, but in the case of the X, it is now a much larger 10.25-inch screen with touch capability and a vast array of functions. These include connected features that allow you to hook the scooter up to your phone and smart watch to perform various functions, on-board navigation and even things like being able to browse Instagram, YouTube and Facebook when stationary.

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