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Triptii Dimri Opens Up on Qala Success, Says Thought of Not Working With Anvitaa Dutt Again Is ‘Bothering’ Her | Exclusive

Actor Triptii Dimri marked her acting debut with Poster Boys (2017) but it failed to create a noise at the box office. A year later, she headlined the romantic drama Laila Majnu (2018), which might have not have been able to rake in the moolah but earned her wide critical acclaim. She followed it up with lyricist-turned-director Anvitaa Dutt’s Bulbbul (2020), a supernatural thriller. Triptii’s latest release is Qala, a story about a complicated relationship between a mother and a daughter, which has been garnering heaps of praises. As the film continues to grab eyeballs, News18 exclusively catches up with its leading lady as she talks about the love she has been receiving from the film fraternity and being Anvitaa’s muse. Excerpts:

Qala is being touted as one of the finest films of the year. How are you talking all the love in?

I’m very happy. The response has been overwhelming for all of us. I think both Anvitaa and I were expecting this somewhere at the back of our minds but we were still very nervous before the release wondering how it will be received. I remember having sleepless nights one week before Qala released. We kept saying, ‘Either people will get it or not get it. Pata nahi kya hoga!’ Luckily, most people have got the film and what Anvitaa was trying to say.

Kangana had some lovely things to say about you…

Both Kangana and I are Pahadis, so we share that connection too (smiles).

Is there any feedback in particular that has stayed back with you?

I can’t pick one. They’ve all said some lovely things about the film and the performances. As an actor and artiste, it always motivates you when someone, who has been a part of the industry for so long – be it Anurag (Kashyap; director) sir, Anushka (Sharma; actor) or Kangana – appreciate your work. It helps you believe in the quality of work that you’ve delivered and makes you work much harder the next time.

After Laila Majnu had released, you were disappointed with no film offers coming your way. Is the situation different this time around?

Post Qala, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from a lot of people. It feels amazing when you put in all your energy into making a film and it strikes a chord with most. It’s a very good feeling. I can’t even explain it. These days, I’m always on my phone reading messages and tweets. I want to keep doing this kind of good work. The best compliment that I’ve received for Qala is – ‘this is your best performance till date’. A lot of people have told me so. I want them to say this after they watch every film of mine.

But it must be feeling like a pressure too.

It’s a pressure that I’ve put on myself (laughs). But when that happens is that you become your own and only competition and you only compete with your previous work and not with others. It’s a good space to be in.

You’re being hailed as Anvitaa’s muse…

I’m glad that I’m her muse and it’s a wonderful feeling. I would be totally upset if she didn’t call me her muse (laughs). Anvitaa’s a brilliant director. As an actor, I’ve learnt so much from her through the workshops that we had, the briefs that she gives and the treatment that she metes out to everyone on set. She’s so calm and composed even in stressful situations. She’s a great personality and I feel very lucky that I got to do two big films with her in the first phase of my career.

Having worked with her on two films, would it be okay with you if she casts other actors in her upcoming films?

The thought of it is bothering me. But I’m sure that she will work with other actors in the future as well and I’ve to come to terms with that and there’s no way out (laughs). But [the] first [actor] is always special! ​

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