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Top Five Indian Whiskey Brands That Have Done Well Internationally

Whiskey enjoys a top shelf position when it comes to Indians. Being one of the most diverse spirits, whiskey has a wide fan base, not just in India but around the world. You might be surprised to learn that India is home to a large number of brands that do well around the world.

Ranging from blended beverages to single malt spirits, here are some of the whiskey brands that are fermented, distilled, and manufactured in India that stand at par with the most popular International Whiskey Brands in the global market.

Paul John Single Malt Whiskey

Having won numerous international awards, Paul John Single Malt Whiskey exudes Indianness in every whiff. Each sip of the beverage hints at sweet tones of turmeric, salted butter, fennel seeds, toffee, and caramel. The whiskey originates from the state of Goa. Jim Murray, a whiskey connoisseur and consultant, gave the single malt spirit the “Liquid Gold Award.”

Woodburns Whiskey

Another whiskey coming from the shores of Goa is Woodburns Whiskey. The name is explanatory enough of the tones that this whiskey offers your palate. It is manufactured in a family-run distillery in Candepar. The whiskey is allowed to mature in charred oak barrels, which gives the beverage a peaty, smoky finish.

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whiskey

Amrut has garnered international fame and also the title of “Third Best Whiskey in the World” by Jim Murray in 2010. The Amrut single malt whiskey is manufactured in Bangalore’s Amrut Distilleries. It was the first single malt whiskey with Indian roots.

Rampur Select Single Malt Whiskey

With 50 years of experience in making molasses-based whiskey, Radico Khaitan, originally known as Rampur distilleries, churned out Rampur single malt whiskey in 2016. Since its advent, the whiskey has done exceptionally well in the international market.

Officer’s Choice

A product of a Mumbai-based distillery called Allied Blenders and Distillers, Officer’s Choice, is a grain-based whiskey. An affordable and a popular whiskey brand in India, the whiskey is also a hit in international bars.

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