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Tips for safely storing your car for several years, precautionary measures, car maintenance

If selling the car is not an option, consider the following steps for long-term stowage of your car.

If someone moves overseas for four to five years, how should they store their brand-new car? Kindly advise as selling is not an option!

SR Mahesh, Tiruchirappalli

Autocar India says: It is not advisable to keep a car completely unused for four to five years, and you should ideally entrust someone to run the car around at least once a week to keep its mechanicals in good health. You should also get it serviced periodically to keep the warranty active. If all of the above is impossible, the steps mentioned below could be followed to ensure long-term stowage of the vehicle:

1) If it is a petrol car with a plastic fuel tank, the entire fuel must be drained out.

2) All spark plugs must be removed and a few millilitres of fresh engine oil / 2T mix should be put into the cylinders using an oil can. This would ensure coating of the cylinder walls to prevent corrosion.

3) Replace the existing engine oil with fresh oil, and coat the common rail with some engine oil / 2T mix to prevent corrosion.

4) Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and generously use anti-rodent treatment inside the engine bay.

5) Rodent entry can further be prevented by installing mesh on the underside of the car.

6) Air in all tyres must be refilled with pure nitrogen that would last longer.

7) The car should ideally be put on jack stands to keep the tyres off the ground so they don’t deform, and it would be advisable to keep the car covered with a high-quality body cover.

8) Lastly, a periodic inspection by someone who could remove the body cover as well as open the doors and bonnet. This will ensure that the car remains safe from nature’s elements, including pest and fungal attacks.

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