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This Zee5 Show Explores India’s 18 Revered Shakti Peethas –

The 10-episode series follows an interesting plot.

The show explains in detail about the Shakti Peethas across India.

Web series have been gaining popularity across OTT platforms. The audiences are now giving a lot of attention to web shows as they offer descriptive, engaging, and quality content. Nowadays mythological shows, remade with a modern touch, are getting quite popular. Shows like Asur have been a hit and have received a lot of appreciation for the narrative and performances.

A similar show was also released on OTT recently. The name of the show is Sarvam Shakthi Mayam. The web show was created by BVS Ravi and starred Priyamani, Sanjay Suri, Samir Soni, Ashlesha Thakur, and Abhay Simha in prominent roles. It was released on June 9, but didn’t receive much attention. The 10-episode series follows an interesting plot. It shows a dysfunctional family, who goes on a pilgrimage to Shakti Peethas. Sanjay Suri, who plays the head of the family, is troubled with several issues like debts and failed businesses, and does not have a good relationship with his wife and kids. Then, one of his friends asks him to go to these different Shakti Peethas to get clarity about his life.

Shakti Peethas are the places where the body parts of Lord Shiva’s wife, Sati, fell after she passed away, according to mythology.

According to Hindu texts, Lord Shiva was carrying Sati, and different parts of her body fell at various places across the country. These places are now revered as Shakti Peethas. There are a total of 18 major Shakti Peethas in India, with two in Pakistan and one in Sri Lanka as well.

The show has a high rating of 8.9 on IMDb. The Shakti Peethas are very well explained in detail in the show, which is available on Zee5.

Another such webshow that has garnered immense popularity is Asur. The web series is currently streaming on Jio Cinema. It is a gripping and mind-bending story that keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. With two seasons packed with twists, turns and thought-provoking content, Asur is a treat for all the thriller enthusiasts out there.

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