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‘This Is My Happy Holi’: Sushmita Sen Takes First Step to Recovery After Heart Attack

Sushmita Sen revealed the details of her heart attack in an Instagram post a few days ago. (Images: Instagram)

Sushmita, who just gave her fans a shocking health update, posted a photo of herself on Instagram stretching with a yoga wheel. See the specifics here

Sushmita Sen recently shocked her fans with her health update. The actress revealed that she suffered a heart attack a couple of days ago and is now on the path to recovery. She has already begun her recovery journey and is trying yoga stretching exercises after getting proper clearance from her cardiologist. The actress underwent an angioplasty and stent implantation after one of her major arteries was blocked.

Yoga is known to heal and help people recover from major illnesses, and Sushmita Sen seems all for it. The actress shared a picture of herself on Instagram doing a stretching exercise using a yoga wheel. In the post, Sushmita placed the Yoga Wheel under her lower back and stretched her body to open up joints. In the caption, she wrote, “Cleared by my cardiologist. Stretching begins! What a feeling! This is my “Happy Holi”…how was yours? I love you guys!”

Stretching should be included in the daily workout routine. It minimises the chances of injury, makes the muscles more functional and boosts energy. Stretching might help ease some of the pain if one has stiffness in a muscle from a recent activity or from a muscle strain. The muscles near the injury site frequently contract when someone is hurt or undergoes surgery. It is possible to relieve pain and soreness by loosening up these contracted muscles. By including the Yoga Wheel in regular stretching exercises, one can increase flexibility. A yoga wheel also maintains balance during asanas and provides assistance to ward off injuries.

A couple of days back, Sushmita Sen shared the news of her heart attack in an Instagram post. She wrote, “Keep your heart happy & courageous, and it’ll stand by you when you need it the most Shona” (Wise words by my father Subir). Suffered a heart attack a couple of days back. Angioplasty done. Stent in place and most importantly, my cardiologist reconfirmed ‘I do have a big heart’ Lots of people to thank for their timely aid and constructive action, will do so in another post. This post is just to keep you (my well-wishers & loved ones) informed of the good news that all is well and I am ready for some life again!”

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