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TCS launches tool to compute environmental impact across product lines

Tata Consultancy Services has launched the TCS Product Life Cycle Profilera life cycle assessment (LCA) tool that computes environmental impacts across product lines. 

Businesses across the world are looking to enhance their sustainability by decarbonising their supply chains, reducing their carbon footprint, and building circular business models. Measurement of the lifetime environmental impact of the products they manufacture or purchase is core to their sustainability strategies. Moreover, the environmental impact of any product, determined through a life cycle assessment, influences the purchase decisions of environmentally conscious buyers, creating a need for robust and scalable LCA tools. 

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The solution, built in collaboration with PRé Sustainability, eliminates the challenges associated with conventional LCA systems, namely difficult data management, a non-scalable product-by-product approach and static point-in-time reports with no insights into impact scenarios or recommended actions. 

“TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler will help our clients identify the changes they need to make their product value chains more sustainable and advance their climate goals,” said Suranjan Chatterjee, Global Head, Strategic Capabilities Group, TCS. 

“It provides unique granular insights that enable companies to identify accurate and actionable intervention touchpoints. That may mean a change in supplier or the impetus to a whole new product line better aligned with a low carbon economy.” 

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