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Sushma Anand, Wife Of Late Vijay Anand, Passes Away –

Vijay Anand’s wife Sushma Anand passed away on Sunday.

Sushma Anand, wife of legendary film-maker Vijay Anand passed away on Sunday.

Vijay Anand, also known as Goldie Anand was an acclaimed filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, editor and actor. Mastering all the crafts of filmmaking he could do any job related to films with pure nuance and skill. His wife, Sushma Anand, reportedly passed away on August 27, Sunday. couldn’t confirm the report at the time of publishing and awaits more details.

Born on 22 January 1934 in Gurdaspur, Punjab, Vijay Anand, a student of English Literature, made his directorial debut at the age of 23 in 1957 with the movie Nau Do Gyarah. Vijay had made the film at a time when the youth of the country of his age were just getting introduced to the world of Hindi cinema. In his golden days, Vijay Anand has also become a part of a controversy after he married his younger niece Sushma Anand(formerly known as Sushma Kohli). They later gave birth to son Vaibhav Anand.

In a 2018 interview with Filmfare, Sushma Anand had gone candid about her love story with Vijay Anand, where she had recalled how

he was a shy lover in real life. She has told the publication, “Goldie (Vijay ji’s nickname) and I got married in 1978 during Ram Balram’s shoot. He liked my simplicity. I understood his temperament. He rarely lost his cool. I was the one who’d lose my temper. I was crazier. I’d deliberately do things to annoy him. Sometimes, he managed me. Sometimes I managed him.”

She had further added, “He rarely complimented me, but when he did, it made me happy. He liked me in sarees and sometimes picked up sarees and pieces of jewellery for me. We loved to travel. Our best holiday was in Hampstead in London just after our marriage. There were theatres across the road. We shopped a lot. Once when we were in Europe, he quietly slipped out. “Yeh lene gaya tha,” he said later showing me a sweater he had bought for me.”

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