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Sparsh Shrivastava Says Salman Khan Watched Jamtara, Aamir Khan Texted To Praise But He Didn’t Believe | Exclusive

For a young and upcoming actor, receiving a message from stars like Aamir Khan seems like a dream. However, how would you react if that dream did come true? Well, we know for a fact that if we were actors, we would react exactly like Sparsh Shrivastava and Monica Panwar from Jamtara. Starring in the first season of the Netflix series, Sparsh, Monica, and Anshumaan Pushkar not only bowled the audiences over with their scamster roles but impressed Aamir as well.

Speaking with News18.com ahead of the release of Jamtara season 2, Sparsh and Monica revealed that they got messages and calls from Aamir praising their work in the first season. However, Sparsh and Monica couldn’t believe it. While Sparsh did not believe it was Aamir until he got on a video call with him, Monica presumed it was a prank message from her friends.

“Aamir sir directly connected with me and Monica after seeing the show in the lockdown. He messaged me saying, ‘Sparsh, I really liked your work in Jamtara, this is Aamir Khan.’ I thought ‘Why would Aamir Khan talk to me?’ So I replied to him asking ‘Who Aamir Khan?’ I sent him a picture from Google and asked, ‘This Aamir Khan?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I told him, ‘I don’t believe you, send a voice note.’ Then he video called and he was on the other side. I began shivering and I was speechless,” Sparsh recalled.


Monica shared her experience with Aamir. “I got a message saying, ‘Hello, this is Aamir Khan, you have done a good job. Let me know when we can connect.’ So I thought if I believe that it is Aamir Khan but it was a friend pulling a prank, it would be very embarrassing.’ So I replied, ‘Please yaar if this is a friend then please don’t joke around.’ I got a reply from him saying, ‘Monica, this is Aamir Khan.’

It felt like a strong message and I replied to him by saying, ‘Sir, I am very busy right now, can we connect tomorrow?’ He replied, ‘Ok’. I was not at all busy but I wanted a day to process what was happening. He called me next day, we spoke for 30-35 minutes and I was calmly listening but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. It was from his call that I realised that okay, we’ve done a good job,” Monica said.

Sparsh added that it wasn’t just about him and Monica that Aamir spoke to them about. “Maybe he liked my work but he enjoyed the whole show. It is not just Aamir Khan, I just found out that Salman Khan also watched and everyone in the industry has seen the show. Everyone liked it,” he said.

Anshumaan Pushkar confessed he did not get a call from Aamir. “Mere ko call nahi aaya tha (I didn’t get a call),” he said with playful sad face. However, many theatre veterans reached out to the theatre-turned-OTT star and praised him. “I got messages from people I didn’t expect. I got messages from theatre artists who I look up to that I did a good job. It was a big thing that the people who you go watch in shows are now watching your show and messaging you, it is a different feeling,” he said, adding that he might have gotten a call but he may have not noticed it.

Meanwhile, Jamtara returns after two and a half long years. The new season brings back the old characters in newer shades and this time, they have some interesting allies. While we will not spoil it for you, we did ask the stars why was there a prolonged gap.

Like many other projects in the industry, Jamtara season 2 was also impacted due to Covid-19-induced lockdowns. “Our creators believe in doing most work in pre-production rather than doing the pre-production work during the production. We were making something really kadak and it takes time,” Monica said. “We could have reduced six months if the second wave of Covid wouldn’t have come,” Anshumaan added. He also revealed that they had begun the shoot when the first lockdown eased but the schedule went for a toss when the second wave hit.

Nevertheless, the new season finally arrives this Friday, September 23 at 12:30 pm.

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