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Shenaz Treasury Lists ‘7 Safest Countries For Solo Women Travellers’ To Visit

Travelling becomes an ever-changing outlet for shattering stereotypes in a world where women are often taught what they can and cannot do. In recent decades, as more and more women have embraced travelling, especially solo, their social status has changed, giving them more control over their own lives.

Few experiences in life are as gratifying, liberating, and joyful as going on your first solo trip. A trip taken entirely on your own terms, without compromising your travel goals or feeling guilty about taking a few days for yourself, can be one of the most precious moments you’ve ever had, leading to a revitalised sense of purpose and success.

While venturing outside of your comfort zone on a solo trip may be rewarding, safety is still a major issue for many female travellers. That first solo trip might be intimidating because you’re far from home without a friend or support system. As a result, many women abandon their plans purely out of concern for their safety.

Taking these concerns into account, travel influencer Shenaz Treasury provided us with a list of the nations that are among the safest for female travellers to visit alone or with their girl gangs in one of her most recent Instagram posts.

Switzerland: The Global Peace Index ranks Switzerland as the seventh most peaceful nation in the world (GPI). It’s a fantastically safe country for women, and one of the safest spots in Europe for female solo travellers.

Canada: Canada is home to a diverse range of landscapes, including lakes, mountains covered with snow, and woodlands that have been around for centuries. Many of the safest cities in the world for female travellers travelling alone are located in Canada.

Thailand: Although Thailand is typically safe, one should still be aware of their surroundings as this is undoubtedly a popular travel destination in Southeast Asia.

Sweden: Due to its safe and progressive environment for women, this marvel of Scandinavia deserves a spot on this list of the safest nations for female travellers travelling alone. Sweden offers a variety of activities, such as hiking the King’s Trail, gazing at the Northern Lights in Lapland, etc.

Austria: Austria is a popular tourist destination because of the breathtaking Alpine scenery, woods, lakes, and landmarks like the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. This makes it the ideal place for female solo travellers as women typically feel comfortable here wandering alone at night. It’s also generally a secure country for all genders, with low levels of crime.

Ireland: Travellers love Ireland for its warm hospitality, stunning natural scenery, and historic sites in Dublin, the country’s capital. The county tops the list for female travellers in terms of safety due to the regulations it has in place to protect women from abuse and the local attitudes about violence against women.

Singapore: This little island nation is regarded as the most secure nation in Asia. The nation performs well across more than half of the criteria, with 92% of women saying they feel safe travelling alone at night.

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