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Several banks increase ATM withdrawal charges, check new rates

A few banks have expanded the expense for utilizing ATMs

For the utilization of their administrations, all banks force a charge. ATM withdrawals are one of these paid administrations, yet just when free cutoff points have been reached. As of late, a few banks have raised the cost for utilizing ATMs. Clients should accordingly pay more to utilize ATM administrations after the free transaction cap every month. Contingent upon the sort of account, this cap might change.

Bank ATM withdrawal charges from different banks:

Charges for SBI Bank ATMs

For its ATMs, the State Bank of India (SBI) offers five free withdrawals in every space. For other bank ATMs in significant urban communities, like those in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, the number drops to only three. SBI will charge Rs. 10 for withdrawals from SBI ATMs and Rs. 20 for withdrawals from non-SBI ATMs after this cutoff. Like this, SBI ATMs will charge Rs. 5 and other bank ATMs Rs. 8 for non-monetary transactions that surpass as far as possible.

Charges for HDFC Bank ATMs

Five transactions from the ATM of HDFC Bank are free every month. In metropolitan regions there are without three transactions each month; in non-metro regions, there are five. From that point onward, cash withdrawals will be charged Rs 21 or more any significant duties, while non-monetary transactions would be charged Rs 8.50 in addition to charges.

Charges for ICICI Bank ATMs

In six metro regions, ICICI Bank additionally sticks to the 5 and 3 standards, permitting 5 free withdrawals from its ATMs and 3 withdrawals from ATMs of different banks. From there on out, the bank will charge Rs. 20 for monetary transactions and Rs. 8.50 for non-monetary ones. These expenses apply to both ICICI Bank ATMs and ATMs from different banks.

Charges for Axis Bank ATMs

Five free transactions are accessible at its ATMs, while three are accessible at ATMs that are not possessed by Axis Bank (in metro areas). After this cutoff, both Axis and Non-Axis ATMs would charge Rs 21 for cash withdrawals and Rs 10 for every transaction for non-monetary transactions.

Charges for PNB Bank ATMs

The Punjab National Bank gives three free transactions at the ATMs of different banks and five free transactions at its own (situated in metro urban areas). From that point onward, any transaction at an ATM possessed by PNB will cost Rs 10 from the bank. Comparatively to this, at other bank ATMs, the bank will charge Rs 20 for monetary transactions and Rs 9 for non-monetary transactions.


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