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Sameera Reddy Reveals Being Pressured By Industry For Breast Enhancement Surgery: 'They Said Sab Kar Rahe' – DellyRanks

Sameera Reddy says she was pressurized to get breast enhancement surgery.

Sameera Reddy opened up about dealing with the Industry pressure of getting her breasts enhanced.

Sameera Reddy bravely spoke out about the industry’s push for her to alter her body during her career peak. Despite facing demands to conform through various means like applying filters and considering surgeries, Reddy stayed true to herself, opting out of succumbing to external pressures. Her courage in resisting these expectations sheds light on the importance of self-acceptance and staying authentic in the face of industry norms.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, Sameera Reddy shared, “I can’t emphasise enough the amount of pressure that was put on me to get a b**b job at the top of my career. So many people kept saying, ‘Sameera, sab log kar rahe hain, aap kyun nahin?’ (‘Sameera, everyone is doing it, why are you not?’). But I didn’t want something like that inside me. It’s like you are hiding a flaw but it’s not a flaw, it’s how life is. I will not judge someone who wants to have plastic surgery and botox, but what works for me is internally fixing myself.”

Sameera has garnered praise online for embracing her age gracefully. With a touch of humor, the actor shared an anecdote about the online world misreporting her age.

She stated, “People said I look happier and more comfortable in my skin now. I looked chiselled at 28, but there is a warmth and comfort at 45. When I was 40, the internet had my age as 38. But I immediately got it changed as I was proud of being 40. Interviews mein itna fenk fenk ke (by lying so much in interviews), Google picked up the wrong age.”

Sameera also disclosed that she faced pressure to use filters when she first started using social media, “I said I’ll show my skin when it is bad, I’ll show my cellulite and my weight. This is who I am. I am more grateful for doing this rather than being that perfect 36-24-36 figure. I get to be real which I never got to do when I was an actor. There was always this parda (curtain) between me and my audience. We only put out what people wanted to hear, but it gives people anxiety when you show you ‘wake up looking like this’. No, you don’t. I wake up every day looking like crap, running behind my children. But I have the capacity to look amazing as a 45-year-old, and I own it. When you show your grey hair, your belly fat, and your stretch marks, someone out there feels ‘there is somebody else like me’ and it takes away the pressure on them.”

The Musafir actress has been away from the silver screen for a while now and has often spoken about her body consciousness post-pregnancy. Sameera is married to Akshay Varde and the couple is parents to son Hans and daughter Nyra.

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