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Saira Banu Recalls The First Time She Saw Shah Rukh Khan: ‘He Looked So Much Like My Shahenshah…’ –

Saira Banu went down the memory lane with anecdotes about Shah Rukh Khan and Dilip Kumar.

Saira Banu went down the memory lane with a heartfelt note for Shah Rukh Khan, whose Jawan is shattering records at the box office.

Ever since Atlee’s pan-India spectacle Jawan released in the theatres, the entire country is singing praises for Shah Rukh Khan and his thought-provoking performances. As the King of Bollywood continues to heal appreciation, former actress and Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu penned a heartfelt note for Shah Rukh Khan, recalling some fond memories of him.

On Sunday, Saira Banu shared a video of Shah Rukh Khan getting an autograph from Dilip Kumar and talking about Mughal-e-Azam. In the clip, he hugs the late legendary actor. The slideshow also had a picture of SRK, Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar together. But it was her heartfelt caption that caught everyone’s attention. She penned, “The first time I saw Shahrukh was when many stars had met for a function…I immediately remarked that he seemed shy and reticent to come forward….and I noticed that he looked so much like my Shahenshah Dilip Sahib….I said if my son had been there He would have been just like him.”

Recalling another vivid memory of Shah Rukh Khan, Saira Banu continued, “One vivid memory I have is of a chance encounter with Shahrukh, where he humbly bowed before me, seeking blessings. As I placed my hand on his head and ran my fingers through his hair, I couldn’t help but remark how it resembled that of Dilip Sahib. Since that day, whenever Shahrukh and I met, he graciously lowered his head, allowing me to offer him my blessings. Interestingly, on one occasion, I forgot to run my hand through his hair, and immediately after, Shahrukh lowered his head, saying, “Aaj Aapne Mere Baalon Par Hath Nahin Phera”, and without hesitation, I lovingly ran my fingers through his hair, completing our familiar ritual.”

She added, “Shahrukh Khan is a remarkable actor and also an incredibly sweet, well-mannered, and considerate individual. He would frequently grace us with his presence at various functions hosted at our house. Once, there was a special event for my company, and I had a strong desire for Shahrukh to do an interview. However, Shahrukh’s hectic work schedule seemed almost insurmountable. Yet, with just a single text message from me, I was amazed to find him at my doorstep within a mere hour, willing to oblige and support my endeavor.”

Saira Banu also recalled the day when Dilip Kumar became unresponsive and Shah Rukh Khan turned up as her ‘beacon’, “On the 7th of July, when Dilip Sahib slipped into a deep slumber, unresponsive to my voice, leaving me burdened with the ache of his absence, Shahrukh emerged as a beacon of solace. In that moment, his affection for the ‘Kohinoor of Hindustan,’ Dilip Sahib, shone brightly as he was among the very first to offer his comforting presence in the face of adversity. What truly speaks volumes about Shahrukh’s admiration for Sahib is when he arrived at our home to get the “Mughal-e-Azam” poster signed by Sahib and I believe that it’s kept in his private theater. It reflects his deep-rooted respect and affection for the cinematic legends who came before him.”

After collaborating on numerous blockbuster projects alongside her husband Dilip Kumar, including Gopi, Duniya, Sagina and Bairaag, Saira Banu made a decision in 1976 to step away from her acting career. After Zeenat Aman, Saira Banu surprised her fans earlier this year by making her debut on Instagram.

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