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Rock Sugar or Mishri Benefits: Get Rid of Cough, Cold While Pleasing Your Sweet Tooth

The nip in the air brings colds, coughs, and sore throats. To cure hoarseness, the irritated larynx must be cleansed regularly. Candy sugar or rock sugar, also called mishri, is a simple, delicious substance from our kitchen that provides a calming treatment for seasonal illnesses.

Candy sugar is unprocessed sugar extracted from sugar cane or date palm sap. Pure candy sugar comes in the form of a chunk and is rock-like and orange-brown tones. This little sweet has a slew of health advantages.

Cough and cold

A little piece of candy, ginger, and golden syrup can be combined and kept. Eating this relaxes mucus, lessens cold and cough symptoms.


Alternatively, mix candy sugar, black pepper, or dry ginger, and a small amount of ghee. To cleanse the sinuses, take a tiny amount of this before night. This concoction also relieves headaches.

Sore Throat

To relieve a sore throat, place a little piece of sweet sugar in your mouth and suck on it, allowing the liquid to stream down your throat. This will ease your vocal hoarseness.

Another method is to blend cardamom and rock sugar in a 2:1 ratio; take a tiny amount of this mixture and munch on it 3 to 4 times a day until the cough and hoarseness subside.

Mouth Odour

This also combats mouth odour. A spoonful of amla powder or turmeric, powdered Mishri, and a sprinkle of pepper, using these prepare a mixture. Add it to a cup of warm milk for relief from foul breath, as well as coughing.

Additional Benefits


Because of its unique qualities, rock sugar is used in Ayurvedic medicine. In fact, in the case of anaemia, haemoglobin in the system reduces dramatically, and sugar intake can help boost red blood cells. If you drink hot milk with saffron and rock sugar every day, your immune system will benefit as well.

Relieve the effects of heat

It may be used to prepare cold, refreshing beverages in the summer. For this, combine Rock Sugar with a glass of water and consume it; it will relieve body heat.

Hands and feet burning

Applying an appropriate knob of butter and Rock Sugar relieves the burning feeling in the hands and feet.

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