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Rimac Nevera record, price, acceleration, braking, performance, power and range.

The Croatian all-electric hypercar set 23 new performance records in a single day.

Rimac has set new world records with the all-electric Nevera hypercar. At a test track in Germany, the Croatian hypercar set 23 acceleration and braking records on the same day. These new speed records even bettered the ones set by Autocar India with the Pininfarina Battista back in February.

Rimac Nevera EV 0-400-0kph record

The all-electric Nevera achieved the 0-100kph sprint in just 1.81sec, 0.05sec faster than the one set by the Pininfarina Battista (1.86sec). The Nevera also did the 0-400kph and back-to-0 run in 29.93 seconds, breaking the 2019 record set by the Koenigsegg Regera, which did it in just over 31 seconds.

0-400-0 kph
Car Power Time
2023 Rimac Nevera 1,914hp 29.93s
2019 Koeigsegg Regera 1,500hp 31.49s
2017 Bugatti Chiron 1,500hp 41.96s

Rimac Nevera EV acceleration records

The Rimac Nevera’s timings were documented by two independent verifiers, Dewesoft and RaceLogic, with the carmaker using the lower times as the record-beating numbers. The team did multiple runs and set an abundance of new records, including a standing quarter mile time. 

Rimac Nevera record timings
Test RaceLogic time Dewesoft time
0-60mph 1.74s 1.74s
0 -100kph 1.82s 1.81s
0-200kph 4.42s 4.42s
0-300kph 9.23s 9.22s
0-400kph 21.32s 21.31s
100-200kph 2.59s 2.59s
200-300kph 4.81s 4.79s
200-250kph 2.00s 2.00s
100-0kph (distance) 29.12m 28.96m
0-100-0kph 4.03s 3.99s
0-200-0kph 8.85s 8.86s
0-300-0kph 15.68s 15.70s
0-400-0kph 29.94s 29.93s
1/4 mile 8.26s 8.25s
1/8 mile 5.46s 5.44s
1/2 mile 12.82s 12.82s
Standing mile 20.62s 20.59s
0-100mph 3.23s 3.21s
0-120mph 4.19s 4.19s
0-130mph 4.74s 4.75s
0-250mph 21.89s 21.86s
60-130mph 2.99s 2.99s
0-200mph 10.86s 10.86s

Rimac Nevera EV breaks Pininfarina Battista records

The Pininfarina Battista previously held some of the records broken by the Nevera, and some of these were set by the Autocar India team earlier this year. Rimac has also been supplying Automobili Pininfarina with battery and powertrain technology for the Battista.

Pininfarina Battista vs Rimac Nevera
Test Pininfarina Battista Rimac Nevera
0-60mph 1.79s 1.74s
0-100kph 1.86s 1.81s
0-120mph 4.49s 4.19s
0-200kph 4.75s 4.42s
100-0kph 31m 28.96m
0-300kph 10.49s 9.22s
1/4 mile 8.55s 8.25s

Rimac Nevera EV price, powertrain, battery and range

The Rimac Nevera costs €2 million (Rs 17.84 crore) and uses four motors, one for each wheel, to provide the electric hypercar with 1,914hp and 2,369Nm of torque. The Nevera comes with a 120kWh battery pack, which gives it a WLTP-rated range of 490km. An onboard Nvidia supercomputer calculates the torque sent to each wheel about 100 times a second.

Note: These timings have been provided by Rimac and are not official world record numbers.

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