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Ranveer Singh Advocates For Sexual Health and Wellness; Becomes Co-owner of Bold Care –

With the goal of de-stigmatizing sexual wellbeing and health in India, Ranveer Singh made a ground-breaking decision by joining Bold Care as a co-owner. (Image: Instagram)

This is a major step towards normalising conversations on the taboo subject of sexual health and wellness in society, as it lends mainstream attention to the often-considered unusual category.

In an absolute first, Indian actor Ranveer Singh partners with Bold Care, a key player in India’s landscape for men’s sexual health and wellness.

This comes in as a significant move since sexual health and wellness, a brand category that is otherwise considered unconventional, gets mainstream attention with this announcement. It’s the first step to normalise this taboo topic in society.

Bold Care provides science-backed solutions for intimate health issues, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Beyond this, Bold Care’s product portfolio includes India’s fastest-growing condom range, water-based lubes, and a selection of wellness products.

This is not the first time that Ranveer Singh will be spreading awareness about sexual wellness. He has, in fact, been committed to this cause for a long time. Back in 2014, he surprised everyone when he appeared in a series of condom ads, becoming the first ever Bollywood actor to do so, for which he won immense praise.

Rajat Jadhav, CEO at Bold Care, shares, “We’re absolutely thrilled to finally announce Ranveer as a co-owner at Bold Care! His involvement over the past year has been nothing short of incredible, deeply engaging in every facet of our business. This is going to be an iconic partnership, something India hasn’t seen before.”

He further adds, “Bold Care has always championed the cause of normalising conversations around men’s health issues, especially sexual health. We’re truly dedicated to offering effective and stigma-free solutions. From the very beginning, Ranveer has been passionately aligned with this vision, and now, as we embark on this exhilarating new chapter together, we’re more energised than ever to make a significant impact. Here’s to the next big leap with Ranveer on board—it’s going to be an amazing ride!”

Co-owner Ranveer Singh shares, “I am pleased to come on board as the face and co-owner of Bold Care. Together, we are committed to normalising conversations about sexual health and wellness, a topic that traditionally comes with stigma and taboo. People, especially men, are misinformed and shy about seeking help. With this, we are doing our bit to help bring about a positive change in society.”

He further adds, “I have always felt that this category needs more openness and acceptance in our society. That thought led to me endorsing a condom brand at a relatively early stage of my career. This time around, it’s a greater investment that one is making. We are probably one of the most sexually active societies in the world. This needs to be done. “

Since its launch, Bold Care has successfully processed more than 15 lakh orders, demonstrating its growing trust and innovative presence in the men’s health sector. This customer trust reflects the company’s status as one of India’s rapidly evolving new-age brands.

Shop their range of sexual health & wellness products at www.boldcare.in and all leading marketplaces.

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