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Rani Mukerji Feels ‘There’s No Challenge’ in Lip Syncing, Says ‘Actors of My Generation Were Not Spoilt’ –

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Last Updated: August 29, 2023, 10:56 IST

Rani Mukerji spoke about lip syncing in a new interview.

Rani Mukerji was asked if she faced challenges while lip syncing during a recent interview.

Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji’s latest statement has caught Reddit’s attention. The actress recently appeared on the Front Row, for Film Companion, and spoke all things Bollywood. During the chat, Rani was asked if she has faced any challenges when it came to lip syncing. The actress, who has been a part of numerous hit Bollywood songs, confessed that she has faced no challenge whatsoever. She added that she could lip sync a song as soon as it is played. She also added that actors of her generation and the generation before hers had no choice but to do the task at hand.

“Tell me about the art of lip syncing. What is the challenge?” the interviewer asked. “There’s now challenge. Abhi gaana laga, abhi lip sync karti hoon. I could be sleeping, the music could on, I could just start lip syncing in my sleep,” Rani explained.

“There is a complete ease for you with all of this. I think actors of my generation or actors before my generation, we were not given choices, we were not spoilt. Karna hi hai bhaiya, we have to support our family, we have to do well. We have no choice but to do well. We have no other option. We have to give it our best, we have to work hard. There was no like we can get a second chance. Our fans forgave us a lot at that time,” she said.

“Now I know why fans are so unforgiving because they are like sab kuch hai toh abhi karo na hardwork. That time they knew we were working so hard so they forgave us. If we looked back in a film, they didn’t really come down upon us so… Or they came, we never got to know because there was no social media,” Rani noted.

The videos of the portions were shared on Reddit and users were left divided. While a few felt that the question and the discussion was a shade to the present generation, especially since it was just recently that Alia Bhatt revealed she took lip syncing lessons from Shah Rukh Khan, many others felt that it was merely a discussion and social media is looking too much into it. “Shading no one. Just stating facts, the experience she gathered from all these years! At least that’s what I think,” a user defended Rani. “Anupama asked a question, Rani answered according to her experience. Shade kaha hai bhai iss mein? She did not make fun of anyone, didn’t indirectly mention a person, she didn’t even bring up the topic,” another added.

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