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Rakhi Sawant: I Get Only Kissing Scenes, Give Me Chance To Act, Offer Me Good Roles | Exclusive

Rakhi Sawant is often trolled on social media for various reasons. In a recent interview with News18 Showsha, the actress talked about the same and revealed how she is not bothered by social media negativity. Rakhi mentioned that trolls can only abuse her but can never harm her and so she does not care about it. She also explained how some bit of trolling is good because that helps one to improve.

“If you won’t troll us, how will we become stars? Troll us. What can you do? At max, you will abuse us. You won’t kill me. If everyone will talk good about us, we might get diabetic. We should have some karela and neem in life too. A person improves with trolling. That’s not going to happen to me. You will change but I won’t. I will be the way I am. I do not hurt anyone, I am very honest and I am an entertainer,” Rakhi told us.

Bigg Boss 15 fame also talked about how she has faced several hardships in her life and during that time people who trolled her on social media were not there for help. She mentioned how she is proud of whatever she does because she has worked hard to be in Bollywood.

“(People say) ‘You are flaunting your cleavage, take this cloth, sit at home’. I never left my house to go back. I wanted to be something in Bollywood. My mother was sick, you weren’t there. I was in pain, you weren’t there. My mother had a heart attack, she was so much in pain due to cancer, nobody was there. I worked hard, flaunted cleavage, wore short clothes, established myself in Bollywood, worked hard, and handled it all. My brothers and sisters got married. I feel proud of myself,” she added.

On being asked if her mother gets affected by social media trolling, Rakhi agreed and said, “My mother used to get affected earlier. But I told her that if I will not show, somebody else will. She will succeed and I won’t. My father does not work in Bollywood who will ask me to wear a saree and work. In their first films, all actresses wear salwar-suit and act like next-door girls. With their second movie, they wear a two-piece (outfit) and say, ‘I have glamour also, give me work’. The first film gets flopped but the moment they wear two-piece, their movies become a hit. Where will we go? Our father or grandfather are not from a Bollywood background. We are strugglers.”

However, Rakhi also added that her boyfriend Adil Khan gets upset with all the negative comments on social media.

Rakhi Sawant was also asked if she regrets not getting good Bollywood projects. To this, she nodded in positive and revealed how she often gets only rape or kissing scenes. The 43-year-old actress lashed out at the filmmakers for not offering her ‘good and honest’ roles and went on to say that she does not get a chance to act.

“I am working on several movies and web series. But considering my image, I get only rape scenes. That’s something I do not want to do. Kissing scenes, rape scenes, why should I do it? I have such good dancing skills. I have done several item songs. I am a good actress. Give me a chance to act. I don’t get a chance to act there and that’s why I act in front of the media. If you want me not to do this in front of the media, offer good roles to me. I am ready. Give me honest, good roles just like other actresses,” she said.

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