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Rakhi Sawant Begs Lawrence Bishnoi to Not Kill Her 'Bhai' Salman Khan: 'Unhone Apna Ghar Nahi Basaaya…' – DellyRanks

Rakhi Sawant reacts to firing outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments.

Rakhi Sawant has reacted to the firing outside Salman Khan’s residence. She recalls how he has helped ‘poor people’ like her and her mother in the past.

The open firing outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments in Mumbai’s Bandra area on April 14 has left many in shock. Hours after the firing, Anmol Bishnoi, brother of Lawrence Bishnoi, in a purported online post, took responsibility for the incident and issued a warning to the Bollywood actor, saying it was a ”trailer”. Now, actress and former Bigg Boss contestant Rakhi Sawant has shared a video expressing her concern over how ‘the Bishnois’ are posing a threat to the Bollywood superstar. In the video, she makes a personal request to Lawrence Bishnoi and his brother Anmol to have ‘mercy’.

“Whatever has happened isn’t right. You’ve called this a ‘trailer’. Yeh achchi baat nahi hai. Salman bhai is my brother. He’s the legend of Bollywood. Everyone is scared right now but I know no one will come at me. Rakhi Sawant ko udta teer lene ki aaadat hai. I’m not scared of anyone else apart from god,” she said.

She was also seen folding her hands and requesting them to not kill Salman. “Aap ko pata bhi hai kitne bade devta hai woh?” she said.

In April 2021, Rakhi revealed that Salman along with his brother Sohail Khan funded her mother Jaya Sawant’s cancer treatment and operation. Recalling the instance, she added, “My mother was dying. Salman bhai spent so much money for her operation. I was in a financial crisis during the pandemic. Where will we ever get a man like Salman Khan?”

Talking about how ‘Bollywood ki jaan’ Salman has been a ‘Messiah of the poor’, she remarked, “He’s a legend. He has saved many people and provided them livelihood. He has helped so many poor people. What will you get by taking his life away? It’s because of his NGO that so many homes run. He works in films so that he provide money to the poor. He did so much for poor people like me, my mother and my father.”

Rakhi continued, “He got operations done for crores of people by helping them financially. He helps people throughout the year. Please let him be. What kind of animosity do you have with him? He’s a good son and brother. He also helps a lot of young girls and boys [who are starting out in the film industry]. Unhone apna ghar nahi basaaya par doosra ka ghar basaate hai. He leads a simple life. Please let him live.”

On a related note, security and police surveillance have been significantly amped up in and around Galaxy Apartments following the firing. Arbaaz Khan also reacted to the incident, saying the family has been “taken aback” by it. Sharing a lengthy statement on his official Instagram handle, he said, “The recent incident of firing by two unidentified person on a motorcycle at Galaxy apartment the residence of the Salim Khan family is very disturbing and unnerving. Our family has been taken aback by this shocking incident that took place.”

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