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Parineeti Chopra’s Kaliras Symbolise Her Journey With Raghav, Says Mrinalini Chandra | Exclusive –

Parineeti Chopra’s bespoke kaliras represented a moment of serendipity.

In conversation with , Mrinalini Chandra shared that Parineeti’s kaliras took three months to create.

The golden bride, Parineeti Chopra added a personal touch to her magnificent kaliras designed by Mrinalini Chandra. Mrinalini, who has designed for Bollywood brides like Alia Bhatt, is known for celebrating the bride’s journey of love in the form of personalised motifs and designs.

From the gold kaliras featuring personalised elements dangling carefree from the bangle to the light pink choodhas adding a pop of colour to Parineeti’s opulent golden ensemble and the stunning lehenga latkans were designed to perfection, making it memorable for Parineeti.

It was an absolute joy working with Parineeti, says Mrinalini Chandra, who designed Parineet’s bespoke kaliras, chooda and lehenga latkans.

When contacted Mrinalini, she expressed how designing the bespoke kaliras, choodhas and lehenga latkans took her three months to create. Calling it an absolute joy working with Parineeti, Mrinalini said, “It was an absolute joy making bespoke kaliras for Parineeti. Her impeccable taste and discerning eye made the creative process a true delight for us. We were inspired by her vision and were honoured to bring it to life in the most extraordinary way possible. Her vivacious energy and faith in us made this a very special journey, and I’m elated to share how each motif unfolds.”

Each motif in Parineeti Chopra’s bespoke kaliras beautifully captured the essence of her love story.

With attention to detail, the kaliras beautifully captured Parineeti’s journey with Raghav. From personalised elements including the initials of Parineeti and Raghav’s name, Om, a double-decker bus, an aeroplane, a cupcake, phonebooth, gramophone, among others. The bespoke motifs inspired from her lovestory were added to the lehenga latkans as well.

According to Mrinalini, the story of Parineeti and Raghav is truly a modern-day fairytale, the most organic and beautiful coming together of two worlds that are wide apart yet equally complex. “She chose each and every element, ensuring that they symbolise her journey with Raghav in the most love-filled way,” adds Mrinalini.

She further adds, “At first glance, the Kalira appears to be dainty ornaments cascading from the bangle. However, its true beauty lies in the underlying story it conveys—a tale of love. The design of these kaliras is very special. Each motif represents a moment of serendipity, a chance encounter when their paths crossed in a cosmic dance.”

Mrinalini also customised the classic set of choodas in a beautiful pastel pink and paired it with kundan and pearls-encrusted bangles on the sides. Mrinalini also went on to thank celebrity stylists Nidhi Agarwal and Shraddha Lakhani for having faith in her. She also complimented Manish Malhotra and addressed him as an absolute genius.

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