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Pankar Kapur Bewilders Audience With His Stellar Reading Of ‘Dopehri’ At Delhi Theatre Festival 2023 –

Pankaj Kapur pulled off a one-man show with the utmost finesse.

Pankaj Kapur received a standing ovation for his impeccable performance that truly pulled a chord in the hearts of the hundreds of people who were there to witness his brilliance

On the final day of the fourth edition of Delhi Theatre Festival, Pankaj Kapur took to the stage with his play ‘Dopehri’ which is a one-act reading of a book written by Kapur himself. Mr. Kapur impressively took charge of the play and pulled off a one-man show like no other keeping the audience engaged and how.

‘Dopehri’ is a rather simple story revolving around the character of Amma Bi and while the narrative has its own complexities and nuances, after a while you can almost relate to Amma’s character, you know her, you see her but most of all in someway or the other you are her. It might be a story deeply delved into the ideas of loneliness, self-discovery and identity something that we do get to see quite often, it is Pankaj Kapur’s skill as an actor and as a theatrician that sets apart the play and elevates it to a whole other league.

Pankaj Kapur will single-handedly make you laugh as well as shed tears like a child all in the same breath. He breathes life into all the characters that he reads out and that itself is proof of the fact that he is a true blue legend and there is truly no denying that.

His prowess as a storyteller is unbelievably magnificent captivating the audience and transporting them straight into the world of his characters that are extremely well written and very well described. In one way or the other, you will in a way be able to relate to all the characters that are read out.

The use of lights and music are pivotal in the play and Mr. Kapur uses it masterfully. Each time he strides across the stage delivers a dialogue and throws a look at the audience- his years of experience come into action making one relish his sheer brilliance.

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