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Numerology Today, January 25: Check Predictions for Wednesday Here

NUMBER 1 (People born on 1st, 20th,19th and 28th)

Couple will witness mutual trust and strong bond. You could go to stage or events but avoid travel. Your wisdom and excellent speech, will leave impression on others. Remember to establish relations and maintain honesty. Theatre artists, cricketers, dancers, dealers of batteries, writers, government officers, doctors, musicians and media industry to achieve money profits.

MASTER COLOUR: Orange and Blue

LUCKY DAY: Tuesday

LUCKY NO: 1 and 9

DONATE: Coconut in temple

NUMBER 2 (People born on  2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th)

It’s a day to show love feelings to the one you like. Feeling of romance and professional beginning of something new is anticipated. Perform milk abhishekam for Lord Shiva on Monday and females should wear kumkum. You should ignore the mistakes of others as to increase your personal relation. You are likely to sell an asset and invest in new business unit. You will succeed with help of your parents. Laziness will hamper your performance. It’s a day to spend with your children and relatives, attend family functions, plan a short trip, invest in stock and give a surprise gift to your partner.




DONATE: Two coconuts in temple

NUMBER 3 (People born on 3rd, 12th,22th and 30th)

Wait and delay in career to grow seems to end right now and personal life finds more happiness. You should explore an option of spirituality counseling as a career option these. Highly impressive day especially for  singers, coaches, educationists, politicians and lawyers. It’s best day to shop clothes, jewellery, books, or travel bookings. Designers, hoteliers, anchors, life and sports coaches, musicians to enjoy special achievements today. Please start your day with intake of Turmeric.


LUCKY DAY: Thursday

LUCKY NO: 3 and 9

DONATE: Chandan in temple

NUMBER 4 (People born on 4th, 13th, 22, 31st)

This week enhances your popularity and you seems like a hero to the crowd. You will also be highly proud of your children throughout. It’s a favorable day for those investing in stock and commercial property. Sales employees, IT employees, Theater artist or actors, TV anchors and Dancers must apply for interviews, as bright chances to receive benefits today. Manufacturers of construction material, metal and garments should anticipate new offer in business. Green leafy veg food to keep stable health.


LUCKY DAY: Tuesday


DONATE: Money plant to a friend

NUMBER 5 (People born on 5th, 14th, 23rd)

Perform rituals of Lord Ganesha and take his blessing. Forget the attitude of mingling with like-minded people and start believing in others. You will receive complete support of family and friends to resolve long time issues. Monetary profits seems mediocre but likely to receive return on investment in export import. You need to open your eyes and express your gratitude to family for the respect given. Must try luck in Stock market, Sport events, Competitive exams and Interviews today. Your partner is all yours today.

MASTER COLOURS: Green and Orange

LUCKY DAY: Wednesday


DONATE: Milk to animals or in orphanages

NUMBER 6 (People born on 6th, 15th, 24th)

What a great day to achieve balance between professional and personal life. Money earned and respect honored are the returns though out. You should hold mic and lead the group if given such offer. A comfortable day that brings happiness and completeness to life. The time to resolve issues business clients and go out for dinner or shopping. Housewives, sportsperson, property dealers, dermatologists, singers, designers, event management, brokers, chefs. Students to receive new assignments that enhances growth. Romantic relationship will bring happiness back home.




DONATE: Silver coin in temple

NUMBER 7 (People born on 7th, 16th and 25th)

Your relations with peers and family members will be prosperous but business accounts need monitoring. Use metal instead of fabric or leather always. You need to take the consent of parents today before taking major personal. Listen carefully the suggestions of mother and other seniors. The problem that seems big today will disappear soon. Someone is likely to pull you down but will not succeed. People in jewelry, lawyers, courier, pilots, politicians, theatre artist and CA. Software guys to face special luck.



LUCKY NOS: 7 and 9

DONATE: Small piece of Copper metal

NUMBER 8 (People born on 8th, 17th and 26th)

Enjoy your first half of the day in travel or travel planning. Begin the day with distribution and charity. Your association with big companies turns excellent returns in future, so keep patience. Financial benefits will be high and decisions related to property and machinery buying will turn in your favour. There is possible stress due to many liabilities. Legal disputes will settle down soon now. Doctors and manufacturers will feel honored with achievements. Keep head cool as likely to have arguments with partners in person. Donating grains and eating citrus is must today.




DONATE: Umbrella to needy

NUMBER 9 (People born on  9th, 18th and 27th)

Today, you will spend more time on yourself and the enhancement of family. Overseas and training business grows leaps and bounce. Couples will stay happy and romantic today. You should stay off the crowd today as likely to get hurt and face disgrace. A fantastic day for those in love to express their emotions. Business relations and deals needs more time to materialize. People in glamor industry and media will enjoy fame. Politicians will cater great opportunities today. So public figures and students must use this day to collaborate and attain progress.Students, trainers, musicians, writer, designers, doctors, lawyers, engineers and actors enjoy best of popularity.


LUCKY DAY: Tuesday


DONATE:  Red masoor

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