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Numerology Today, 23 November, 2022: Check Predictions for Wednesday


Your hard work will be accompaniedby luck so chase your passion.You will succeed in sports and competetive exams. You are confident and independent to establish brand through your uniqueness and hold high position in job. Personally you will recieve an applaud, but singles will struggle in finding love. Spouse will be impressed and will support you.

A beautiful day to smile as you will receive monetary rewards , proposals or support from loved ones. People from technical stream, acting, solar energy, artwork, cosmetics, agriculture and property will top the market today.

  • MASTER COLOUR: Teal and beige
  • LUCKY DAY : Sunday
  • LUCKY NO.: 5
  • DONATION: Bananas to poors


Professional life celebrates immense luck, but keep an eye on person interfering in personal relationships. Females should use this day to apply for new job or business. Women can invest in business. Children will enjoy their self-confidence, hardwork, luck and charm.

Romance will strengthen the relationship of couples, but keep away from crowd and parties. Wearing sea green in important interviews will bring luck. Spend time with elders to seek help in future. IT guys, politicians, designer, doctors and actors to enjoy special success.

  • MASTER COLOUR: Sea Green
  • LUCKY DAY: Monday
  • LUCKY NO: 2 and 6
  • DONATION: Two coconut in temple


Remember to be independent of other’s influence, but seeking advice of seniors in financial decisions will be beneficial. All is falling at its place no matter how much your enemies tries to pull you down. Relationship will face ups and down. Creative people like artist will have best time for investment and returns. Sportsmen, Stock brokers, airline employees, defence employees, educationists, hoteliers musicians and politicians to have promotions and publicity. Businessmen to meet clients post lunch.

  • LUCKY DAY: Thursday
  • LUCKY NO: 3 and 1
  • DONATION: Wheat in ashrams


Long pending commitments or assignments seems to grow towards finishing line. Keep financial and marketing strategies in action and enjoy returns. Though, the day seems exhaustive, the results will be seen turning in your favour. Youngsters to share love feelings and avoid distrusting friendship or relationships. Avoid Non Veg or Liquor.

  • LUCKY DAY: Tuesday
  • LUCKY NO: 9
  • DONATION: Salted food to poors or cattles


Enjoy the day in parties, travelling, stock investments, shopping, socializing or celebrations. For growth in career, you must stop wasting time and use maximum available resources. A day to enjoy relationships, touring, taking risk, buying property, playing matches and attending competition. You will go for a short journey today with all luxury. Meeting a special person is highly predictable. Shop whatever you want today. A day to go for approval of promotion. Singles can find a right match today.

  • MASTER COLOUR: Sea Green
  • LUCKY DAY: Wednesday
  • LUCKY NO: 5
  • DONATION: Green plants to children


Others likely to misuse your innocence and humanity and give their responsibilities to you. Beware of such people. Higher studies, new house, job, new relations, money gains, travel and party on the cards for you today. Commitments are too high today but you will enjoy them. All the targets will be achieved and you will create your identity like a star.

Politicians, house, sportsman, brokers, retail, hotelier and students to hit goals and hold victory in field. Homemakers and teachers to feel respected and affectionate by family. Government officers to enjoy new profile and promotion. Property deals will be handled easily. Awaited marriage proposals like to materialize today.

  • LUCKY DAY: Friday
  • LUCKY NO: 6 and 2
  • DONATION: Blue sugar in aashrams


Law suits will be won and their is high growth in your goodwill. Must start your day with chanting Guru name. Elders, specially females, will be lucky in business deals. Trust is the only factor missing today, so restrain from sharing your emotions with others, specially at work. Remember to take blessings of ancestors to start the day and donate Yellow Pulses today. Small brands will benefit more than giants. Lawyers and software guy must avoid working from home and step out to office.

  • LUCKY DAY: Monday
  • LUCKY NO: 7
  • DONATION: Copper vessel


You are an excellent judge of other’s character which makes you a faboulous counsellor, so keep this career as a prime option. Self confidence and hard work done in past will help you come out of any difficulty today. It’s a beautiful day to do charity to cattle.

Love relations will have a special moment to relish between couples. Doctors, builders, theatre artists, pharmacist, engineers and manufacturers to receive monetary benefits. It’s best day to buy machinery and invest in buying metal . Physical and mental fitness can uplifted through meditation.

  • LUCKY DAY: Friday
  • LUCKY NO: 6
  • DONATION: Mustard oil in orphanage


You are frequently misunderstood by others when it comes to attitude, so you need to maintain more softness in speech. Name, fame, luck and properity all together makes an excellent day for people who makes mass communication be it actors, singers, designers, politicians or doctors, writers, historians or media guys.

An ideal day to make business investments in stocks and land. Also the day can be favorable to youngsters to impress their partners. An average day to enjoy hotelling, attending an event, hosting a party, shop Jewellery, counseling or playing sports.

  • LUCKY DAY: Tuesday
  • LUCKY NO: 9 and 6
  • DONATION: Pomegranates to poors

Celebrities born on 23rd November

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya was born on 23 November, 1986 in Hyderabad. He is son of superstar Nagarjuna. (Image: Instagram)
  1. Naag Chaitanya
  2. Satya Sai Babaa
  3. Satish Khan
  4. Karan Patel
  5. Vishnu Manchu
  6. Geeta Dutta.

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