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Numerology Today, 07 December, 2022: Check Predictions for Wednesday Here

A time to show academic skills in competitions and interviews. The day should be spent in attending successful intake of healing sessions, sign government contracts, attending presentations sponsor events and play tournaments. You should extend support to friends or relatives to resolve legal or official issues through your strong background. Please avoid using leather products to enhance attraction.


LUCKY DAY:  Sunday

LUCKY NO:  3 and 1

DONATIONS: Kumkum in temple 

It could be a complex day specially in love relationships. Today you need to be careful with your documents and goodwill as somebody will try to harm it. Ignore personal issues and concentrate on career path to enhance speed of growth. Politicians must be careful while signing papers.

MASTER COLOUR: Sky Blue and Yellow


LUCKY NO: 2 and 6

DONATIONS: Rice in ashrams

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Your presence on stage will be charming today. A new relationship is also likely to come your way. Luck will favour for public figures and lawyers. Musicians, designers, students, news anchors, politicians, actors, artist, housewives, hotelier and writers likely to have special announcement for career growth.


LUCKY DAY:  Thursday 

LUCKY NO:  3 and 1

DONATIONS: Yellow artificial flowers to children 

Keep a tulsi ji leaf to start the day on positive note. Take care of health and emotions both. Eating green and citrus likely to bring physical and mental health growth. Business like construction, machinery, metals, software and brokers must avoid signing agreement today. Excellent professional life and also beautiful experience of being proud parents.


LUCKY DAY: Tuesday 


DONATIONS: Lemon to poor

Keep a picture of an owl in the workplace to strengthen your wisdom. Your boss or senior will get influenced by your words today but still appraisal will be less. A day to ignore the mistakes of others and move on. A day to make property or stock investments as money benefits will be knocking soon. Sportsman and travellers to have the best outcome. Wear Green to enhance luck in meetings. Must go to propose your love as life offers gifts of your choice today. Glamour industry will enjoy all corners of career.


LUCKY DAY: Wednesday


DONATIONS: White flour to poor

Wear silver metallic watch instead of those with leather belt. Feeling of romance and promises will rule your mind today, but you need to careful of cheating and mistrust. Business and job growth likely today, but personal issues likely to be more complex. Remember to stay away of arguments. Don’t take too many responsibilities on your shoulder as you can’t make all happy. Hotelier, travellers, jewellers, actors, Jockeys and doctors to go for displaying their skills as the day will be lucky for them.  Take the guidance of coaches in sports as it be favourable to their life.


LUCKY DAY: Friday 


DONATIONS: Bangles to a friend or an elder female

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Sportsperson to enjoy best of its time or face worst extreme. Control being over dedicated in household work else you would suffer with high stress. A great day for lawyers, software engineers, students, sportsman and CAs. Your leadership and analytical skill is your assets of personality. Please avoid facing disputes as will harm image. Love relationship will give trust and respect in return of your honesty.

It’s a great day for those working in courts, theatre, technology, government tenders, real estate and schools. Business relations will be healthy as long as you don’t stay in partnership.

MASTER COLOUR: Yellow and green

LUCKY DAY: Monday 


DONATIONS: A coin to poor

Chant Lord Shani mantra and remember to be genuine in actions. You will be busy solving issues in daily assignments. Short term goal will be achieved but long term goals need to redesigned. Time to take care of health and follow healthy lifestyle. Family functions, presentations, government agreements or interviews must be attended. Spending time with family is a must today. Please avoid long drives. One of the best combinations today to increase mediations power and strengthen love relations.

MASTER COLOUR: Sea Blue and brown 



DONATIONS: Brown grains to cattle 

Store red grains in a pouch and keep it with you always to fetch the energy of the number. Popularity is always been part of your job and personality, but restrain to be present in public today. People from media, sport, construction, medical, politics and glamour industry will see new heights. A beautiful day to approach family connections to enhance business or job as a great reply is waiting. Must wear red to start the day.


LUCKY DAY: Tuesday 

LUCKY NO: 9 and 6

DONATIONS: Oranges to beggars.

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