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‘Nothing More Dangerous Than A Man With Nothing To Lose’: Piracy Website Warns Telugu Producers –

iBOMMA website claims that they don’t operate in India.

According to iBOMMA, if the actors and actresses stop charging massive fees for doing movies, then the ticket rates will decline.

Piracy is one of the major issues that has been troubling the members of the film industry for a very long time now. The piracy menace has always taken a toll on the box-office collection of films and audiences no longer prefer watching films cinema or on OTT sites. They watch the films, especially the Telugu ones, on pirated websites like the iBOMMA.

Some of the Telugu producers tried to stop this website using a legal route, but the website operators, have now issued a warning letter for the producers. Their letter reads, “If you focus on Eyeball, we will focus where we need to.” iBOMMA letter further informed that the producers focus only on the pirated sites but not on the audience who record films in the cinema.

The website also raised concerns over the exorbitant ticket prices. It stated that the audience is now reluctant to watch the films in theatre because of the high prices. According to iBOMMA, if the actors and actresses stop charging massive fees, then the ticket rates will decline. It also urged the producers to stop spending so much on the abroad shootings and trips of the stars. It questioned the producers about how much fee they provide to the production and the other crew.

The website further said that the makers mount an unnecessary budget and then the distributors and theatre owners raise ticket prices to recover that money. In the end, it is the middle class that suffers. The iBOMMA letter ends with another warning that informs, “There’s nothing more dangerous than a man who has nothing to lose.”

A social media user tweeted a screenshot of this letter and wrote,” iBOMMA warning to Telugu Film industry.”

The user also shared another statement from the iBOMMA website. It informed that some fake sites have used their brand name to release pirated versions of films in India. The statement reads, “We want to clarify that our services are not available in India containing such prints, and we have absolutely no association with those fraudulent IBomma websites that are not under our ownership.”

No celebrity from the Telugu cinema has reacted to this statement.

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