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No Connection Between Weight Loss and Fertility: Study

There have been many claims that women in good shape have a better chance of improved fertility. Although a new clinical study published in PLOS medicine has rejected these claims.

This randomised study was conducted on 379 women. The participants were divided into two groups with the first half on diet using meal replacements and increased physical activity. The other half had increased their physical activity without targeting weight loss. After completing their respective programs, they received three rounds of standard infertility treatments. Women in the first group had lost 7 percent body weight while others retained their weight.

However, no significant differences were recorded between the two groups in terms of healthy birth frequency. The intensive dieting program had other benefits to offer like reduced metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome can increase the chances of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Daniel J. Haisenleder, one of the researchers for this study, said that weight loss does not improve the chances of fertility. Haisenleder said that infertility is an important health issue. According to him, more studies will be required for addressing this problem in the future.

Still, according to experts, if a person is suffering from obesity there are lesser chances of them having healthy babies. According to The Indian Express, Dr. Manjiri Mehta has expressed that obesity can affect fertility levels in both men and women. Dr. Mehta said that fat cells can convert a male hormone to a female hormone. According to her, eating healthy and maintaining a fit lifestyle is pertinent to your body.

For couples who can’t conceive naturally, a lot of techniques have been generated late for helping them. Variations fall into categories:-

Artificial insemination- Women are inseminated with their husband’s sperm by artificial means.

Embryo transfer– If a woman cannot produce eggs, another woman can be inseminated with the husband’s sperm.

Frozen materials– Sperm, eggs, and embryos can all be frozen and stored for a long time.

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